Summer Rain & Sunscreen

Summer Rain & Sunscreen

Summertime is what most people look forward to after the colder months of the year. Refreshing rain showers cool us off, and sunscreen is a vital essential, like umbrellas and raincoats during this season.

For some, it represents a time for enjoying the outdoors with activities spent under the scorching sunlight. The rest of us with seasonal allergies or an aversion to excessive heat, prepare our sunscreen and medication supply.

Summer Rain & Sunscreen

During the hottest time of the day, between 10 am to 3 pm, would be best to keep out of the sun as much as possible. Summer chill-outs tend to have our flock outdoors, and with the corona-virus pandemic, it calls for more at-home activities.

Like having a backyard braai with family, and playing outside games to relieve the stuffiness of being indoors most days. We still need to bear in mind how climate change means the sun’s rays have become more harmful.

Sunscreen on a rainy day helps as much as a raincoat for the skin.

Even with the Summer rain that cools us off periodically, we must always be aware of the sun’s powerful UV rays’ effects. On cloudy and light rain shower forecasts; should also be considered days where sunscreen is applied, whether indoors or outside.

Being exposed to too much sunlight without protecting our skin with sunscreen, will cause damage worse than peeling and sunburn. Melanin rich skin needs just as much sun protection, regardless of how dark one is, the sun hurts the same.

Skin cancer is something the African community tends to think least about, as a consequence of sun exposure. Failing to change the perception that black skin doesn’t need sunscreen, even on overcast Summer days, is a health crisis in the making.

Sunscreen is a luxury, that’s taken for granted by those that can afford to incorporate it into their daily routine. It’s a shame, health essentials aren’t made easily accessible at clinics and public hospitals until an overwhelming crisis occurs it seems. We must learn that taking precaution is important for preventing avoidable health issues, and skincare must be part of the whole concern.

Make it a habit, that Summer rain and sunscreen are a pair that go hand-in-hand. I scream you scream, we should all scream for sunscreen.

Summer Rain & Sunscreen


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Summer Rain & Sunscreen


Lerato Moloi

Modelling Editor

Lerato Mpho Moloi is a South African model. Her career spans from featuring in magazine editorials for Elle, Cosmopolitan, True Love, Destiny, and Marie-Claire, to strutting her stuff on the catwalk for top South African designers like Clive Rundle and Machere. She has continued to be featured in Fashion Weeks since 1999. She’s also featured in leading roles on television commercials for brands such as, Cell C, Dettol, Jet, Vodacom, Nedbank, to name a few. Lerato has enjoyed the benefits of modeling by travelling to countries like Australia, China, US, UK, Russia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, The Comoros, and India

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