Submit a shoot


We invite all creative souls to collaborate along with us. Be inspired and share your stories with us by submitting lifestyle photo shoots focusing on décor, fashion, recipes and wedding styled shoots.

Shoots and stories are to be featured either in print or on our website and other social media platforms. Professionally photographed images are a necessity and shoots should be submitted within our monthly editorial themes to be revealed here with submission deadlines.

Complete the online submission form, introducing yourself and your work with your collection of low-resolution images (high-resolution images will be required once submissions’ have been accepted to the blog/magazine).


How do I submit my work?
  1. Choose a moodboard/theme for your shoot here
  2. Complete the online submission form, all the text fields and contributing vendor credits.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. Submit!


What are the submission requirements?
  • Submit at least 2 full spread horizontal photographs of a space.
  • Submit at least 6 detailed photographs of products featured within your space.
  • Items used within décor lifestyle photo shoots have to available in stores now and should all be accompanied with correct prices and reference tags.
  • Products have to be representative of at least 3 different brand entities.


  • Submit at least 3 full spread vertical photographs.
  • Submit at least 2 full spread horizontal photographs.
  • Submit detailed photographs of all products used as focus points within your photo shoot.
  • Items used within fashion lifestyle photo shoots have to available in stores now and should all be accompanied with correct prices and reference tags. Products have to be representative of at least 3 different brand entities.


Food and recipes
  • Submit at least 15 food and lifestyle photographs representing the whole look and feel of the shoot and not only plated food.
  • 3 recipes have to be included within the submission with reference to specific dishes photographed.


Styled weddings
  • Submit at least 15 lifestyle photographs.
  • Photo selection should include the following elements: a wedding dress and/or wedding suit, wedding jewellery and accessories, a wedding cake, wedding stationary, detailed photographs of make-up and hair styling, styled setting with décor elements and venue introduction and placement.
  • Please provide a full list of contributing vendors for due accreditation and ensure that you have obtained the permission of all parties involved before submissions are made.


Image specific requirements?
  • If you are not the photographer, please make sure that you have the permission from the photographer to use the photos.
  • The images should be clean and simple, with minimal editing applied. If you have a specific editing style, ensure that it’s consistent throughout the story.
  • Ensure that images are named specifically for the submission and that there are no characters (e.g. apostrophes) in the file names. Eg. BLOSS_PhotographerName_SubmissionName.jpeg
  • Ensure that file sizes are not bigger than 2MB.
  • Ensure that images are converted to the RGB colour profile for print specification.
  • Images can be resized to 1500px across minimum (a little larger is okay too, if you prefer). NB: Please make sure that portrait images are also 1500px across the bottom, to ensure better photo selection. If you’re using BlogStomp, select 2300px as your size.
  • If you have already put images into collages of two or more, please send the original, separate images as we are likely to combine them differently.
  • Crediting is very important to us as photographs will often be published on multiple platforms!
  • For feature credits, we rely on the information you supply us within the submission. Please make sure to fill out the fields completely – include the correct links to their business websites/online profiles as we use these for the crediting.



All submission accepted to Bloss Magazine should not have been previously published by any other platform and may only be published by the creator of the work after an exclusive publishing date to be decided by Bloss Magazine. Bloss Magazine holds the right to further distribute and publish photographs submitted to the Magazine on all of their associated platforms and may change format and colour to suit each unique end product. Bloss Media platform will always fully credit photographers and all contributing vendors in photographs, but may after submission is accepted use and re-use photographs indefinitely.