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Having always been active and sporty, I started noticing the increasing difficulty in getting to the gym as I get older. Everything seems to take priority over your exercise regime. There is always some excuse as to why you cannot get to the gym or go for that run. That was until I stumbled across Body Twenty.

What is Body Twenty?

Body Twenty uses EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) technology. You put on this futuristic looking suit that has strategically placed pads that send stimuli to your muscles. With customized training programs, especially for your needs, you can train cardio, strength, or even give the muscles the relaxation they need after any hard exercise session.

Once empowered with knowing what it is, I walked into a studio in Fourways. My first thought was, how hard can this be?

The in-body assessment done on your first visit gives you the low down on your body, weight, fat percentage, water content, lean muscle weight, the whole nine yards, and trust me it wasn’t pretty.

Next step: into the suit I go. You are given an outfit to wear, so there goes the, “I forgot to pack my gym clothes,” excuse. Then the most horrible part, for me, comes; the suit you put on is sprayed with water to increase conductivity. I had visions of the electric chair, and once I started training, I wished for said chair.

The trainer sets the thresholds of each muscle complex, and then the exercises start.  Four-second intervals, which may not sound like much, but trust me, every time that contraction hits, it is like a lightning bolt that goes through your body. It is an unusual sensation, but once you get used to it, it is not bad at all.

Twenty minutes have never felt this long, and very soon, I am huffing and puffing, counting the minutes down.

Once it was over, I felt pretty okay. No excessive soreness or stiffness, and immediately I wondered about the efficacy of this method of exercise. That soon changed, as I was well aware of how effective the training was the next day when getting in and out of my chair was accompanied by a lot of effort and groaning.

After one month of training, just 20minutes a week, my fat percentage had dropped, and lean muscle mass increased. I can see the change in my body, and I get to training without having to set hours aside, waiting for equipment in the gym.


20 minutes is all you need

You can do a full body workout of either strength or cardio in just 20 minutes.


Safer than conventional exercise

There is no pressure on your joints, making it safe to do even if you have niggles.


In-body Assessments

Track your progress and get scientific results.


More effective than conventional gym

One 20 minutes session is equivalent to 6 hours in the gym.


The after-selfie

The best thing about the session is you get to take an awesome after selfie.

Have you tried Body Twenty?  Head over to for your nearest branch and use BLOSSHEALTH to get your free trial session.

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  1. Thank you for the fab article. I absolutely love Body20 too and saw amazing results after just 4 sessions!

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