Step Inside Celeb Interiors

It is remarkable how interiors are inspired and often recognised for the owner’s unique personality. Homeowners are all very different and distinct in their choice of style and persona that their homes should reflect.

Your space of living should be a representation of your character and should therefore be designed with a distinct idea in mind. Collected items, personal objects, carefully selected textiles and colour schemes should be taken into account when representing a specific identity for an interior design project. Step inside celeb interiors to see some unique and eccentric spaces that belong to a few of the world’s most favourite people. These celebrities are not only respected for their amazing talents but for their well-executed representation of their true identity within their homes.

Turquoise accents.

Step inside Anderson Cooper’s House in Trancoso, designed by Wilbert Das.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

This Vintage Bohemian Villa is charmed by the wonderful shades of beige, white, turquoise and soft hues of blue. Decorated with hand-woven elements, natural materials and leather details. Waxed concrete floors complemented by exposed timber ceiling panels.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Furniture is mainly vintage and made from reclaimed wood that gives the space a very charismatic appeal.

Vintage Inspired

Dakota Johnson’s Mid-Century modern home by the iconic architect Carl Maston.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Cosy, intimate and vintage-inspired interior design in close relationship with the garden by connecting the interior space to the outdoors with large timber-framed glass doors. Her personal collection of items are decorated throughout the house in means of vintage decor pieces and antique furniture.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

The space is mainly inspired by her love for light, windows and the colour green. Most of the cupboards were stained in a specifically selected  “dusty-rose-camel” colour.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors Meaningful photography and sensual art are placed in all the rooms of the house. “It represents a sense of happiness”:  says Dakota.

Monochromatic masterpiece

Step inside Lenny Kravitz farmhouse in Brazil.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

The monochromatic farmhouse is definitely eccentric and unconventional. Designer wallpaper combined with vibrant colours of nature and accents of copper.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Step Inside Celeb InteriorsWhite ceilings and walls intensified with black and white photography and dark wooden furniture.  His Interior design space is decorated with African-inspired art and sculpture, naturally woven objects and animal skin textiles.

Clutter-free Paradise

Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and George Cloony’s Mexican beach Villa’s.

Luxuriously built from Niwala limestone, with exposed dark-wood beams and an open-plan living layout.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Architecturally they have used clean lines throughout, with a clutter-free interior arrangement. The house is personalised with quirky family portraits and detailed prints.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

The interior wall colour is mainly off-white fused together with minimalist wooden furniture, warm-toned textiles and indoor plants.

Chic industrial farm-style

Meg Ryan’s New York City loft.

Her chic industrial farm-style apartment has a very distinctive feel with its dark-lacquered floors and door frames in contrast with the white walls and cabinetry. She inter-fuses it by adding industrial lighting, metallic finishes and timber furniture.


Step Inside Celeb Interiors
In the living room, she added tones of ochre and plush furnishings as well as a display of a large fig-leaf plant. The interior has also been decorated with rich mahogany details and a display of fine art.

Art-Deco Meets Contempo

Mandy Moor’s Pasadema home.

Contemporary and Art-Deco has never looked this good. Pastel velvet’s, rose-gold fittings and terrazzo details entwined together to create a calming and truly unique interior design style.

Step Inside Celeb Interiors

Their master bedroom is charmed with an emerald green velvet bed, macrame artwork by sally England and gold lighting.

The on-suite basin is designed with Calacatta marble vanity basins, terrazzo floors with gold geometric inlays and a green subway-tiled wall.

“Be inspired by your own perception of style and decorate your home as a personalised space that displays your distinctive character.” Carmen Hosten – Nell.

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