Steenberg Vineyards Treated BLOSS to a Day of Creative Fun and Bubbly in Pretoria

Steenberg Vineyards invited the BLOSS Team to attend a day of pottery and wine, and I immediately volunteered to take one for the team. So, last week the day finally arrived and I put on my “art cap”.

It was pouring rain, but Rhoda Henning’s Pottery and Art Studio was the perfect hideout. Madeleine, Rhoda’s daughter, showed us how the whole process of creating a piece of pottery works; from rolling out the dough to selecting a mould and creating your masterpiece. In the background were the rain, French music, and the chitter chatter of the ladies as we got our hands dirty while enjoying Steenberg’s bubbles. My favorite was the 1682 Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique.

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The theme for the day was Swan seeing as Steenberg’s logo is a swan. I decided to incorporate the logo into my very minimalistic piece by using a stencil of their logo in the middle of my bowl. The perfect reminder of this fun day.

After getting to know everyone a little better, and finishing our pieces, we got to pick out the colours for the glaze that would be done by the personnel later when they have dried. They offer comprehensive pottery classes at the studio for anyone who is interested. You can also host your intimate event at the studio and treat your guests to a creative bonding day, whether it’s a kitchen tea or a birthday party.

Next on the itinerary was lunch at The Three Ducks, or in French, Les Trois Canards, in Waterkloof with Steenberg Vineyards. As if a morning of sparkling wine and mastering the art of pottery wasn’t enough, there was food as well. All paired with some of Steenberg’s signature wines.

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With our appetizers, we had their Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc mixed with a little Aperol, soda water and a slice of orange. For mains, I chose the fish and salad option, paired with their Steenberg Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2018. I usually prefer Sauvignon Blanc so naturally I was really curious to try Steenberg’s. (I am clearly not a wine connoisseur, but I do enjoy a glass or two now and then.) It did not disappoint; I will definitely be on the lookout for the elegant swan label next time I walk down the wine aisle.

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The other options included a sirloin steak served with chips and paired with either their Steenberg Merlot 2015 or the Steenberg Catharina 2015, or a chicken and mango salad paired with Steenberg Semillion 2017. If reading this doesn’t give you ideas for tonight’s dinner (and wine shopping list), I don’t know what will.

To round off the day, we had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes decorated with handmade Steenberg swan icing along with the last few sips of our wine. Nothing like dessert to put everything in its place.

All in all, it was a day filled with good conversation and even better refreshments. I can’t wait to see how my pottery turned out.

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Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

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