Spring/Summer Trend forecast with Weylandts

With the sun starting to make its arrival we are getting more and more excited for vibrant colours and interesting texture combinations to enter our homes and environment. With Weylandts Spring/Summer collection just launched, it is definitely the right time to start with the interior design project you’ve been waiting for.

Having to present the Spring/Summer interior design and decor trend forecast @Weylandts in Bedfordview this year, I couldn’t help but do a little write up…

Although it might not be the brightest of days just yet. We are definitely awaiting a very colourful and vibrant spring and summer this year. It’s been a very successful rose gold, suede and  monochromatic winter season. But we are slowly moving closer to the inspirations of Ice cream lollipops, sunny golds, concrete textures and fields of green.

I personally haven’t been this excited for summertime since the behaviour of Global warming. Let’s be honest, we have quite a few chilly months behind us. Time to open up the blinds, let in the light and welcome the sun with open planed spaces, filled with pots and macrame’s of indoor greenery. What an awesome way to bring the beauty of summer inside your home! Draped Ferns, upside down plants and  succulents are likely the most favoured indoor plants this year!!


There is nothing that screams spring 2018 like a Moroccan bohemian bliss and well appreciated hand woven fabrics! Inspired by the free spirit, unconventional way of living. We might just have a very laid back yet bold and spontaneous summer. What could be more fun than going back to the 60’s and getting in touch with your innovative, artistic side.  invest / even create your own collection of tactile textures, hand woven carpets and a few tassel throws here and there, and anywhere- really. There’s only. It a few  rules when going boho…

Modern bohemian bedroom @pinterest


Another, yet opposing trend this summer….. Ice cream! It might not be the easiest to determine your favorite gelato colour. But in fact it’s a real Trend setter to combine a few of these colours in one space! Weather it’s the Pastel shade of Peppermint chrisp or the cotton candy pink strawberry and cream. Soft hazel with a twist of vanilla soft serve. They all go together this season! As long as you use the right level of tones it just might be the tastiest space you’ve seen!

Barilga.com Trend Forecast

Although Geometric’s were very much seen during 2017 in the use of upholstery, scatter cushions and Decor design. It has definitely owned its place and is now becoming a very big hit with floor and wall finishes! Whether it’s wallpaper, wall tiles and even murals. Geometry is also starting to make its way back to the design of decorative object and even art!



Metallic’s have definitely been one of our top trends the last few seasons although Gold has definitely taken the medal this summer ( no pun intended)….. golds in furniture, golds in decor and lighting. a definite must have in any interior !! Combined with bold, pastels and royal blues.

mydomaine.com Gold elements

Ombré finishes and timber furniture ( Weylandts off course)!! Indigo and Matt finished blues used in Ceramics, paints and fabrics is definitely the most popular colour prediction used in Transitional spaces. Complimenting blue skies and ocean bliss initiating the perfect mood for the holiday season to come.

Last but not least! Don’t forget your pop of Bold Tropical Colour. Not only has it been seen on the runway and most fashion trend forecasts — but it has definitely creeped its way into the interior design market and therefore has become the biggest Trent setter  mania this season! Weather it’s using tropical leafy prints, a mustard yellow feature wall or an emerald Scandinavian chair.

pinterest image, tropical bold space

A vibrant and colourful object might just seem darling within summer!! In other words : Go bold or go home!


I would like to thank Etrezia and Tania from Weylandts Bedfortview for the beautiful launch, as well as guest speakers from Carlton Hair, Movement X and Gemma Bloom for their insight in their respective fields on 2019 Trends.


Guest speaker from movement X, Carmen Hosten Decor Editor @blossmagazine and Weylandts Coordinators.

Carmen Hosten
Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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