South African Brand Empowers Woman

Have you ever come across a brand that makes a difference, and is there to fully empower woman on a daily basis?

Well… I found this brand about 2 years ago and I am honestly obsessed with them. Lola Lifestyle is a brand that not only empowers woman on a daily basis but they also focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

About the empowering brand

The brand and what it stands for truly resonates with me, at Lola Lifestyle they believe that it’s up to you to create the Life You Love. This irresistible brand was created in 2017 by two fiercely independent females who feel that creating a space that allows woman to be themselves and not feel judged is the way they want their brand to be represented.

What’s so great about Lola Lifestyle you ask?

Well… hold your face up because this might make your jaw drop.

When you visit their website you will see that they have 3 choices to choose from.

1. Active

Lola lifestyle Active wear

2. Play

Lola lifestyle Play wear

3. Sleep

Lola Lifestyle choices

All of these items have been designed to be as multi-functional as we are. We could walk out of our Pilates class and head for lunch with our girls and then go on our date night without the stress of having to rethink our look.

lola lifestyle casual to gym


This is an example of the multi-functional outfit. The models went from a casual day time look into gym wear, or you can do it the other way around.

lola lifestyle casual to date



Here we went from casual daytime look to a fun girls night out.

…or a sexy date night with that special someone

lola lifestyle fym to date night


This look went from a relaxed yoga session to a crazy night out look in under 5 seconds.




Yeah I know, I’m asking the same question:“C’mon is this true or are you pulling my leg?”.

Girl I kid you not. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is multi-functional. Lola Lifestyle makes use of Bamboo fabric which means the clothes are environmentally friendly, soft on the skin and even softer on our mother earth.

They have just opened up their shop in the Zone Rosebank, make sure you use the discount code to get 20% off your online or in-store purchase: “itsuptoyou”

Read more about fashion below:






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