Shake Up Your Hair Colour this Summer

Let’s bring out the fun, festival looks for this holiday season. It’s time to rock the pastels, plaits and party scenes! Here are our top hair colour picks perfect for summer.

Hello, summer daze! We are going loco over this one. While you must have quite a bold personality to be confident enough to pull this one off, we have seen a much softer, subtler version of the colour filtering through.

This colour craze has gone from a huge festival trend to an everyday colour for the modern woman. The variation we are digging at the moment is the slightly deeper colour on the roots. For those of you that are unsure of what a balayage is here is some insight:




French word bilayer, meaning to sweep.
A technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Many of the trends are now sporting a deeper root colour to really bring a sense of depth into the overall colour. Stylists are playing around with crazy cool colour placement techniques and choosing where to accentuate focal points, the possibilities are endless.

The greatest part about this colour trend? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent change. Brands such as Redken have your Shades EQ range in pastel pink which is a demi-permanent gloss; or alternatively, their City Beats range – City Ballet Pink/Midtown Magenta, which is a temporary colour for those one-night bashes. Either way, your favourite brands will have you ready to rock this trend on any occasion this December.

Boho Buns, Braids and beach days

We’ve handled the colour, let’s tag-team the styling part. A huge component that has stood out this year is how effortless the styling trends look.

The path that we are all walking on at the moment is one called “Organic styling”. Confused? In a nutshell styling trends are portrayed as more tousled or disarranged.

The biggest platform we have been able to see these trends expressed is none other than Coachella. There is a huge play on over textured curls, buns and braids. The possibilities are endless, again, another trend to either downplay for the everyday look or spice up for that big day out.

What we are loving is the different variations that really don’t take much effort to achieve. Most of the looks work well with air-dried hair (this way we avoid heat damage from styling tools), you will also learn to start working with your hair’s natural texture a lot more. Buns can then be placed in top knots, split in two on either side or just to simplify the look completely; braid it throughout (effortless on a whole other level).

Oil, oil baby

Now, ladies, when we think about the summer holiday, please remember that tan accelerator oils shouldn’t be the only thing on our minds. Our hair needs the same TLC too.

Inoar has a fabulous luxurious virgin coconut oil, using only the best coconut oil to promote healthy hair. Before elaborating any further, let’s first take a moment to highlight a very important aspect close to the brand’s heart.

They are a 100% animal cruelty-free brand! Inoar is on PETA’s “Caring Company” list. The brand can guarantee that NO products are tested on animals and they only use plant-based raw materials.

Back to the nitty-gritty, some benefits include:

Stimulated hair growth, promotes a healthy scalp, prevents breakage and split ends, adds lustre and shine; and is also a great skin moisturizer.

Ladies, we have tried it, and our verdict?

Hello, new obsession!

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Bianca & Mel
Bianca & Mel

Hair Editors

Bianca Thomson and Melandri du Plooy own Hairvolution, a Redken Loft Salon in Brooklyn, Pretoria. They bought over the salon in 2017 and cover all aspects of Hair, Nails and sugaring. They absolutely love everything about the industry and what it stands for and hope to be able to use our passion and love for the industry to educate all readers on every aspect relating to it.

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