Selena Gomez Rebuilds Her Life

If you watched the internet, social media and celebrity news lately you would have seen that Selena Gomez was recently dethroned from her position as the most followed person on Instagram. But, having all this fame doesn’t always contribute to your well-being.

For the last few months, she has been mostly absent from social media and the world itself. She went on a retreat to refresh, clear her mind and to think about the future. The whole “retreat” can be understandable due to the fact that 2017 and the early bits of 2018 weren’t exactly the easiest time for Selena. In 2017 she had a kidney transplant, went through a breakup, and to top it all off, went for treatment for anxiety and depression.

The young celebrity also sold her home in Calabasas and moved to Orange Country. During this time she gave up social media and called it “a shift in her focus”.  Selena also has an inner circle of woman she talks to and tells them what’s going on in her life, what she’s dealing with and asks for advice. They encouraged her and she came back and started with the basics again.

“I think everything in my life is being majorly downsized, in a very good way,” she told the publication. “I’m going back to simplicity. That’s always who I’ve been. It’s not me saying, ‘I feel the best I’ve ever felt,’” she continues. “It’s me saying, ‘I’m exactly where I am. And I’m so happy I’m in this place.’ It’s a lot of self-discovery. From 20 to 26? Oh my gosh. I feel like a totally different person.”


Looking at the time when she spent being of service to other people, clearing her head and being herself, she began interning five days a week, but also depending on her studio sessions, and meetings with her long term brands.

Selena was, however, hesitant at the start to speak about her work with the organisation where she interned. She realised that it’s way out of her comfort zone, but she would like to speak about it after she immersed herself in it. She completed the internship with a smile on her face, because she wanted to make a difference in normal people’s lives.


For every downfall, there’s a bigger come back and better opportunities and a brighter future!

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Christo Golden
Christo Golden

Entertainment Editor

Christo Golden is a young driven presenter, master of ceremonies & brand ambassador who has been in the entertainment industry since 2017. At just 20 years old, Christo pursues his dreams and has been seen at various festivals and functions as MC. He is also working on his own TV show on Via DSTV Channel 147. He believes that nothing is impossible with his heavenly Father by his side, together with his talents.

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