SA’s Spectacular Divas Show!

We all know the company called Entertainment & Events Factory, they are well-known for functions, artists and glamour events. Well they did an amazing event once again! – Good news there’s a series of concerts if you maybe missed one! – (more details below)

The first SA’s Spectacular Diva Show  in collaboration with the following divas, that perform at this glamorous event where Corlea, Demi-Lee Moore, Monique Steyn, Liezel Pieters and Nadine just to name a few! The first event took place at the beautiful Monte De Dios Wedding Venue, and wow! 

After reading the pre-words of Rex van Deventer, EE Factory’s CEO, the idea is to bring all these amazing artists together on one stage, this was one of his dreams two years ago! 

“I made contact with them and asked if they would be interested in this concept. Everyone was very excited about the possibility. It is indeed a challenge to combine their voices, which I consider as the Top 5 female vocalists in the country, as they are very diverse. They are extremely talented and this collaboration will need a lot of planning, but is done in such a way that the challenge is an absolute pleasure.”

– Rex van Deventer

We attended the first breath taking show, and the picture that was shaped beforehand was brought to life!  The event also pulled in President Kruger Children’s Home that forms part of these concerts and 70% of the funds made will be donated to them. The entire show circled around the unique idea women’s rights, the message was conveyed especially through the 5 Divas, anyone who attended this event will have something to remember when they go home afterwards!

Looking at the Divas show you’ll notice that the there’s a much deeper meaning than any other show, all five of these Divas brings different uniqueness and styles to the stage.

Here’s a few words from some of the Divas about how they feel about the show:

“Every one of us knows our voices and knows what our talent is and strongest points vocally, which makes it easier to work together. The concept to get five women to sing together is very unique and offers something different, which made this an easy decision to become a part of the Diva-concept.”

– Demi-Lee Moore

“This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of this production, my passion is to sing and be on stage. To share a stage with these amazingly talented singers, will only be a pleasure.”

– Liezel Pieters

“Every song is a story and to perform and tell the story along with someone else is enriching and a privilege. Every opportunity where I had the privilege to perform with someone else, I took a memory in my heart from stage which I’ll always remember.”

– Nadine



The producers also thought it well to bring in Bianca du Preez, better known as Bibi from Afrikaans is Groot, she performed as the Master of Ceremonies at the show and what a soul! Perfect choice to incorporate her into the Divas show as she bring her own uniqueness and talents do the diverse group. 

I definitely recommend you to attend one of these amazing shows! Well done to the whole production on this incredible event and putting out such an amazing message! Blessings!



Christo Golden
Christo Golden

BLOSS Entertainment Editor & BLOSS Youth Editor

Christo Golden is a young driven presenter, master of ceremonies & brand ambassador who has been in the entertainment industry since 2017. He currently takes the position of Editor for Bloss Youth Magazine. At just 21 years old, Christo pursues his dreams and has been seen at various festivals and functions as MC. He is also working on his own TV show on Via DSTV Channel 147. He believes that nothing is impossible with his heavenly Father by his side, together with his talents.

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