Rolene Strauss Finds Freedom In Imperfection

Rolene prioritises mental and physical health

One of the greatest gifts a person can receive is the gift of a healthy life.  Rolene Strauss Finds Freedom In Imperfection…

Rolene Strauss Finds Freedom In Imperfection
Rolene stands for wholeness and health

Fine feathers don’t make fine birds, more than once have we heard this expression. But in this modern world we live in, it sometimes becomes difficult to believe. Nowadays the pressure for perfection is daunting, especially when it comes to aesthetics for both men and women. Thankfully we have role models like former Miss World 2o14, Rolene Strauss.

Rolene is REAL!

In 2018 Dr Rolene Strauss and sister in law, Ledivia Strauss, opened their health orientated and aesthetic integrated organisation, Revita Health. Together they have launched multiple online courses to improve mental and physical well-being. While the lockdown might have been a bump in the road for some, this was not the case for Rolene. She has researched, tested and launched numerous courses for self-improvement and fuller purpose-driven life. Rolene makes sure that what she offers on her platform is accessible and efficient. As a wife, mommy of two, life coach and businesswomen it is easy to wonder how she does it all. But this powerhouse woman never shies away from the truth, she shares the raw and real with all her followers. whether it be insecurities, fighting the good fight of keeping and improving your self-confidence or managing your time.

Rolene Strauss Finds Freedom In Imperfection
Rolene Strauss Finds Freedom In Imperfection

Feminine, Fearless & Female

One of Rolene’s favourite topics of discussion is finding ways to love ourselves and our imperfections. Because at the end of everything that is exactly what separates us from each other. Leaving worldly expectations and comparisons completely worthless. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a healthy life, that includes mental and physical well-being and accepting ourselves above all. Rolene’s heart is to help and coach those around her so that they can access the life they are meant to live to the fullest.

Take a look at her online courses by heading to her Instagram or Youtube page down below!



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