Review: What’s My Baby Playing With?

With the December holiday in full swing, we’re grasping at ideas to keep our 1 year old busy and entertained.  A herculean task at best.  Have you ever heard a mom huffing “you have all the toys in the world, but you still want to play with the toilet brush!”.  Yeah, that’s me, I’m a mom. Review: What’s My Baby Playing With?

Anyway, even though my son isn’t old enough to play with this particular toy, I thought, why not? It sounds like so much fun!  Just listen to this…

Review: What's My Baby Playing With?

Thomas & Friends Cassia Play Set

Pre-schoolers can relive some of their favourite moments from the Thomas & Friends TV show with this exciting train set from Fisher-Price. Thomas wants to be a Really Useful Engine and help deliver a load of avocados to the docks, but he needs help from his good friend, Cassia. Pre-schoolers can use the toy crane to grab and load the barrels onto the engine’s cargo car, then flip the switch to send Thomas racing around the railway tracks to make the delivery. This TrackMaster battery-powered motorized engine, toy crane, and track pieces are all compatible with other TrackMaster track sets for limitless adventures. Review: What’s My Baby Playing With?

Review: What's My Baby Playing With?

Play Set Family Fun

So, his father and I set out to build the tracks while Peanut helped by sitting on them.  When we eventually got everything connected and working, we had a full 5 minutes of gleeful fun watching Thomas the Train do his thing!  Just before train tracks went flying everywhere my husband took the toy and set it on a high shelf and continued playing peacefully.

So…What do we think?

In conclusion, stick to the age range. 1 year old is definitely way too young to play with this awesome train set.  However, it seems to be perfect for husbands of all ages.

Find the Thomas & Friends Cassia Play Set ToysRUs for only R549.90.

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Nicola Mostert
Nicola Mostert

Kids Editor

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