Redefining Corporate Success In 2021.

For many people adapting to the new norm has been a crazy challenge, whether it’s working from home or adapting to new office protocols.  After working from home for nearly a year we have to ask ourselves what makes us as leaders perform at our best. Are we leading by example or preaching to the choir?

That begs the question, how do we reach our successes without compromising on what we have set out for ourselves to achieve?

Redefining Corporate Success In 2021.

Lead with values.

According to Forbes Magazine, companies that have returned to their core values and have placed the well-being of their employees at the top of their priority lists are the companies that are thriving. Companies who have embraced the fact that children, pets, and even sometimes the odd In-Law could pop up on screen during a ZOOM call have significantly raised employee morale and employee interaction. By refocusing on 3 main values they have completely transformed their businesses.

Honesty: By being authentic we present ourselves clearly and consistently. When people can relate to you and know that they can value your honesty it will go a far way in helping them anticipate and understand company decisions in order to adapt quickly.

Transparency: Transparency is essential to building trust. Everyone wants to feel like they have insight into decision-making and know there’s no hidden agenda or closed-door dealings going on.

Kindness: It’s often assumed that every hard-driven business persona must represent shrewdness and competitiveness to get the win. Yet, statistics have shown that the majority of private donations made during the pandemic have come from not major corporations but from wealthy private individuals and private family trusts.  Kindness can have a long-acting impact that transcends the business world. That’s why it’s so critical for leaders to show.  Years from now, people might not remember all the details of our tough environment or the no-win decisions we are facing, but they will always remember the kindness shown to them.

An attitude that limits your success.

The most successful people tend to be more optimistic. This allows them to see opportunities where many others only see obstacles. That doesn’t mean blindly maintaining a positive attitude no matter what. We know during tough times this can be the most difficult part, but it’s about acknowledging reality and then looking for that glimmer of hope and the possible lesson.

Those bad habits we just can’t seem to kick.

We all have them and when they conflict with our businesses, they can impede our success. These may include scrolling on Social Media instead of meeting deadlines, prioritizing fun over duty, and generally ranking our companies last in our lives rather than prioritizing them.

Success is always believing that you can.

If you believe you can, you will succeed. Self-belief doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So if you’re able to tell yourself that you can achieve the goals in your plans, you’re doing great.

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Redefining Corporate Success In 2021.

Chantel van den Berg

Deputy Success Editor

Chantel Van Den Berg is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from the Vaal Triangle. Her main focus is corporate compliance and labour relations. Working as a consultant, auditor and trainer she strives to not only educate employees but to uplift and upskill all areas of their lives. Chantel has been climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years. She firmly believes that with hard work and dedication you can reach any dream no matter what life throws at you and part of becoming successful in life is learning how to roll with the punches. She has 2 beautiful children and has mastered the art of being a successful businesswoman while being a mom and wife.

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