Reasons Why Diets Fail

Most of us begin a weight-loss diet with a short-term mindset and don’t really understand that dieting is actually a lifetime commitment. Research and studies have found that as many as 95% of diets fail. There is no need to starve yourself or to cut out all of your favourite foods, although addictive treats are not very good for your health.

Here are only a few reasons why diets fail:

Inadequate Sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in our mental and physical health. Sleep also helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormone, ghrelin, that makes you feel hungry all the time. When you don’t get enough sleep, your ghrelin hormone levels go up and that is what causes you to feel hungry. Recent studies have found that with each hour of sleep lost, the odds of becoming obese goes up. Not getting enough sleep can also slow your metabolism down, which makes weight-loss nearly impossible. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Poor Timing of Meals

Timing is a very crucial factor in determining our eating patterns. Irregular eating schedules have negative health effects and increase the risks of obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Try to eat breakfast every morning and then having healthy snacks or meals every three to four hours. It is also important to try and eat small portions of food at night to keep a balanced metabolism.

Underestimating Calories Consumed

You should always take the measurement of a food label with a pinch of salt! Counting calories is extremely difficult, you have no idea how many “hidden calories” there might be in a cooked meal. However, by keeping an honest diet journal, you will begin to have a much better awareness of your calorie intake and you can keep track of how healthy you’re actually living. Ultimately, calories are merely a rough guideline, and there are many factors to keep in mind when you choose your next meal. For example, eat food that is high in fibre, it will keep you feeling full for longer, which can prevent you to want that “extra” calorie intake.


You see, it isn’t necessary to follow a strict diet to get in shape and to have the body you always wanted. Just keep these factors in mind and you will start seeing results! Always remember that dieting is a lifetime commitment and not a temporary solution.

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Rina Jacobs

Health Editor

Rina Jacobs is a Personnel Agent and holds a degree in Human Resource Management. She also enjoys being active on social media platforms. Her love for sport and fitness began at a very young age and self-discipline is what keeps her on her feet. She believes that happiness comes from within and a positive mindset is a key to success. An interesting fact about Rina: She enjoys playing Fifa soccer on PlayStation in her free time.

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