Range Rover Evoque: A beauty and a beast

At first sight, you might not think that the new Range Rover Evoque looks much different than the previous generation. You’ll be surprised to hear that the only part of the Evoque that stayed the same are its four door brackets, but it is clear that not too much has changed in its shape. Why fix something that isn’t broken, right?



Undeniably good-looking, the Evoque continues to be the ultimate fashion accessory to its owner. A stand-out exterior feature are the hidden door handles, which appear when the car is unlocked. The Evoque has a strong resemblance to the Range Rover Velar when you take a closer look at its headlights and backside. The exterior is an overall satisfyingly YES in my book.


On the inside it is very clear that this is a brand new Evoque – technology completely takes over! Two touch screens, a digital rear-view mirror and a digital instrument cluster will have you going “ooh” and “aah”, but I’ll get to the details…

You will find a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a partially leather-wrapped dash. Paired with some stainless steel and black gross finishing makes for a luxurious interior. Although, this is to be expected in a Range Rover.

The leather seats are very comfy and perfect for long drives. Rear passengers have decent legroom, although very tall passengers might feel a little cramped. The boot space is a bit disappointing. I took the Evoque on a trip to the Drakensberg with four friends and we struggled a little to fit everyone’s luggage.


Engine & Ride

The Evoque HSE P250 shows off with a powerful 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces 185Kw of power and 365Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox.

I did experience some delayed power from the engine, especially when driving in town where I had to stop and start constantly. The traffic light went green, I put my foot on the accelerator, waited in anticipation and then it felt like all the power was released at once! (which was not as much fun as it sounds).

The ride is smooth, comfortable and engaging. Although there was some turbo lag, you never feel that the Evoque is lacking power. The Evoque is a really fun car to drive – it is quick, a comfortable size and it looks so good!


The Range Rover Evoque is kitted out with some awesome features and great detail! These features stood out for me:

The optional Touch Pro Duo infotainment system has two 10-inch touchscreens which is used to control vehicle settings, navigation, media, air-conditioning, off-road setting…basically everything that usually has a button or knob, is now touch.

A series of driving aids work together to ensure the most dynamic and comfortable ride possible. The adaptive cruise control takes the edge off long journeys and gives the driver a change to relax a little. Lane Departure warning and Land Keeping Assists help to keep you in your lane, because swerve happens!

Parking the Evoque is made easier with the 360 Degree parking aid, which gives you a top down view of the car when maneuvering into a parking, and cross traffic detection.

The Meridian Sound System has excellent sound quality so that you can blast your favorite song obsession!


All of these fancy luxury comes at a price of course. The Range Rover Evoque starts at R760,000 and goes up all the way to just over R1 mil, depending on how powerful and fancy you want to go. The optional extras are also pretty pricey, so when you start adding them on, things get very expensive, very quickly.

However, if you take into consideration the off-road capabilities of the Evoque, plus the luxury, plus the good looks – it isn’t THAT bad and hey, if it is in your budget, why not?

Think about it this way – it’s less expensive than a Birkin Bag…


Martin Gouws
Martin Gouws

Car Editor

Martin is a TV production person and has been working in the Afrikaans TV industry for 5 years on a number of different productions. He also has a love for cars and has recently started doing his own video car reviews under the name HeyGouwsie! He has a natural creative streak and an eye for details which makes for a great combination.

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