Queen with heart & soul!

TSHEPO MAKUPU grew up in the Free State, but today she owns her throne on National level as one of South Africa’s inspirations as the winner in our very first online pageant – Miss Eagle South Africa. This beauty queen is an ambitious Entrepreneur and has a business in the Beauty Industry and runs her own Mobile SPA. She loves cooking and sees Basetsana Khumalo as her role model.

One thing BLOSS AFRICA Magazine and Tshepo has in common, is that both stand on the brink of their golden futures. They love to inspire young women and sees South Africa as home. BLOSS AFRICA Magazine is launching in March 2019 and it will be an absolute privilege to have Tshepo as one of our main features with the launching issue.

At BLOSS we educate and empower young women, taking hands with strong women around the globe with the vision to uplift a whole generation. Just because we are women, we are sisters. And sisters help each other up and have each other’s backs. What an honor to be taking this Empress hand for a brighter future and be part of a positive tribe. A sisterhood with an impact.

Basetsana Khumalo is her role model and icon. Tshepo says: ”Basi is such a great inspiration to me being a Beauty Pageant title holder, a Businesswoman and Philanthropist. She has a remarkable journey in her life, and she encumbers and exudes a Winner spirit in everything that she does. She is a great and charismatic person; empowering others and I look up to her, and she inspires me to be the best that I can be.”

May this Empress keep inspiring you just as her role model. For generations to come. Cause she definitely caught our eye and can’t wait to learn more about her.

Please keep your eyes open for BLOSS AFRICA Magazine to read more about this remarkable woman. Until then, follow BLOSS on Facebook, Instagram and twitter to help us empower young women.

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