Puff It Up Jacket Time

Puff it up, it’s puffer jacket time! This 90’s fashion trend, has become a real staple item in some of our fashion-conscious closets. It is lightweight, cold, and windproof, a definite statement piece!

Woolworths has been stocking up on new winter collections, and we could see the puffer jacket under each brand section. Our top 3 favourites are chosen with price, quality, and design practices in mind. You need to jump on the puff puff train!


Puff It Up Jacket Time

Starting off warm and strong we bring to you this black puffer jacket from Witchery. Witchery caters to the dynamic and unapologetically bold woman, living up to its motto “fashion is not only what you wear, but how you wear it.” Witchery prides itself in offering high quality, interesting details, and responsibility with innovation by design level.

Puff It Up Jacket Time

This classic black fur puffer jacket can clearly be ranked in the class of high quality. Beyond the brand image and an R1,799 price tag, the jacket speaks for itself. Details of faux fur, which is detachable, designer fit, a comfortable elastic waistband, polyester filling, and a fully lined interior it is no doubt that this puffer jacket is at the top of our quality list.

Country Road

Country Road

With a new pop of colour this pink puff jacket from Country Road caught our eyes. Country Road has been in the world of fashion for over 40 years catering to women, men, children, and even your home décor. They live by a simple philosophy of designing products that are made to last.  From the start to finish of your Country Road product you can trust that it was ethically sourced, authentic, well-constructed, and effortless fashion.

Country Road

This daring bright pink puff jacket is one you can tell a story about… Something you may not know at first glance; it is made out of 100% recycled polyester. Now you may wonder does this takes away from the quality of the jacket.

No, we can rest assure you Country Road lives up to its standard of high quality with this cool-weather essential. The recycled polyester outer, wadding, and lining have the exact same qualities as virgin polyester with strength, wrinkle, and moisture resistance.

Best of all a recycled polyester garment, like this one can be continuously recycled with no degradation of quality, minimizing its cost and ultimately working towards a closed-loop system.



A hot new brand came to the market, Edition. Edition caters to the young generation offering affordable, quality garments with a witty marketing approach. They offer a wide variety of every season’s popular basics with standout statement pieces. As their brand state: “Live loud, say it with your style, hashtags, and double tabs. Edition is for you.”

Puff It Up Jacket Time

A look at the more affordable option creates a question in us all. Does price really take away quality, even if it is from Woolworths Edition? Firstly it is mass-produced in China, other than our previous 2 jackets.

Mass production decreases the price and unfortunately quality as well. On the contrary, we can see that the jacket has wind and water-resistant qualities along with zipped pockets and adjustable hoodie strings.

This jacket ticks all of the needed boxes in terms of quality and will definitely last you a few seasons, with a great price tag.

Go ahead and shop your favourite puffer jackets for this winter season. It is a definite winter styling essential.


Tana Van Heerden

Fashion Editor

Tana is a goal-driven and energetic young woman who is always seeking for new adventures in work and life. She is currently a 3 rd year student studying Consumer Science, clothing and retail management at the University of Pretoria. Tana introduced the fashion and makeup section at UP newspaper, PDBY, and that is where she developed a passion for articles. She is the social media manager for MUSE, therethrough she saw an opportunity to start her online store, ROPAS_SA. In her free time, she does makeup tutorials on Instagram, follow and write about the latest fashion trends and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with family and friends. Tana believes that you should always empower and inspire the people around you, and what better way than through beauty, seen from the inside as well as outside.

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