Patterns: Taking A Closer Look

Are patterns in human designs a mirror of patterns found in nature or are patterns in human designs somehow different from patterns found in nature?

Patterns: Taking A Closer Look

Patterns are designs that repeat themselves. They are either human-made or found within nature. They all serve different purposes, therefore forming a large part of human life. Patterns are one of those versatile decorative elements. Let us take a closer look at patterns and where they can be found.


Patterns is an educational tool because they help learners to understand different concepts. It teaches children mathematical skills and helps children to make sense of their everyday surroundings. Patterns are a big part of a child’s education.

Patterns: Taking A Closer Look


You will find patterns on clothing items because they are used for decoration purposes. Patterns can make clothing items look different, bright, colourful, and give it a different kind of feel. Patterns are fashionable and trendy.

Patterns: Taking A Closer Look


It brings a creative element to any room. Having patterns in a room brings something unique to it. This can be in the form of furniture or decorative pieces. Draws attention.

Patterns: Taking A closer Look


People use patterns to express their personality. Colours, shapes, designs, and the kind of patterns you use all represent something different about you. A pattern tells a story of who you are.

Patterns: Taking A Closer Look


Patterns are found in the nature that surrounds us. Some patterns found in nature include animals such as Zebra, leopard, cheetah, butterflies, and giraffe. Patterns are found in leaves, sand, in the ground, on rocks, shells, Honeycomb, spider web, and molecules.

Patterns: Taking A Closer Look

Take a closer look at your surroundings because the patterns you will find will surprise you. Patterns: Taking A Closer Look

What kinds of patterns have you noticed around you today?

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Patterns: Taking A Closer Look

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