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Colour outside the lines of your routine in 2019 and pick a destination that suits your favourite hues, from the bright yellow daffodils of Holland to the golden sands of Portugal’s Algarve. Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels

Brides wear white as a sign of purity, red is the colour of passion and yellow makes you feel warm and happy. It’s no secret that colour has a significant impact on your mood, behaviour and even your health.

Whizz through an Instagram feed of a travel influencer or brand and you’ll likely see loads of blue. Why? According to a study by Curalate, blue images get 24% more likes than photos with predominantly red and orange shades.

That’s because the colour blue is calming and relaxing, and when you’re scrolling through your Insta feed after a tough day at the office, the sight of palm-fringed cerulean-blue paradise looks way more appealing than hiking the rocky red cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

Add a splash of colour to your next holiday in Europe and the United Kingdom with these top picks by Trafalgar, the holiday experts:

If your favourite colour is… green

Head to the Emerald Isle of course! Ireland hasn’t inherited its colourful moniker without good reason. The countryside is so green in fact, that the greenness in its lush grass- and shamrock-clad hills and valleys can be seen from Space. Explore its ‘forty shades of green’ around the famous Ring of Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula.

Only with Trafalgar: Go scavenging with Oonagh, a local food blogger, who will share her extensive knowledge about the wealth of nature and the local plants on a scavenging walk to identify various foods that grow wild on the beach. You’ll take the fruits of your walk along as ingredients for your lunch at the homely Barrtra Seafood restaurant overlooking beautiful Liscannor Bay, near Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher.

Ireland Instagram Images:

If your favourite colour is… purple

The fragrant lavender fields of Provence take centre stage from June to August, lighting up the countryside in deep, rich shades of purple. Visit the Lavender Museum in Cabrières-D’Avignon, where you’ll see a rich collection of lavender stills from the 16th century to now, and learn how the find lavender flowers are processed to create cosmetics, creams, perfumes and soaps.

Only with Trafalgar: Spend time with Poppy Salinger at her old mill in Provence. Poppy’s late husband, Pierre Salinger, was the former advisor to John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby, and she will regale guests with stories about their shared life together, as well as show them the small museum in the barn that Poppy dedicated to her husband and his fascinating life. Poppy’s son, Emmanuel, is a great chef and guests will get to meet him before watching a life cooking demonstration incorporating locally sourced ingredients.

Provence Instagram Images:

If your favourite colour is… blue

The land of fire and ice gets the nod for Europe’s ‘bluest’ destination, most notably because of its famous Blue Lagoon, whose healing milky blue waters attract over a million tourists annually. But that’s not where it ends. Iceland’s Vatnajökull Glacier, the largest in Europe, is home to the most beautiful sapphire blue ice cave which you can explore when you visit the popular Northern European hotspot.

Only with Trafalgar: Join Trafalgar and bathe in the waters of the geothermal Blue Lagoon. Iceland’s geothermal natural wonders are explored first-hand from its warm and restorative waters – this is a bucket-list experience for any visitor.

Iceland Instagram Images:

If your favourite colour is… white

Although Santorini’s white-washed façades, which seem to tumble down the island’s dramatic cliffs, are inspired by law and not aesthetics, they still provide a magical backdrop for some of the world’s most exquisite sunsets. It is in fact the island’s sunsets that are the stuff of legends and you simply have to grab your front-row seat to witness their magic.

Only with Trafalgar: Combine your Greek Island hop with a visit to the Cradle of Western Civilisation, Athens, where you’ll join a Local Specialist on a tour of the iconic ancient sites, including the hill-top Acropolis.

Santorini Instagram Images:

If your favourite colour is… red

Sizzling, steamy Marrakesh should be on your list of travel destinations in 2019 if your heart craves a little red-hot action. The so-called Red City derives its name from the 12th-century red sandstone façades that stand to this day. But nowhere is its energy more apparent than in the bustling Jemaa-al-Fnaa Square – a dizzying cacophony of snake charmers, busy street food outlets and open-air markets.

Only with Trafalgar: Visit a Moroccan pharmacy in Marrakesh to learn how local healing creams and cosmetics are made from regional ingredients, such as Argan oil, for which Morocco is so well known.

Marrakesh Instagram Images:

Colour outside the lines of your routine in 2019 and pick a destination that suits your favourite hues, from the bright yellow daffodils of Holland to the golden sands of Portugal’s Algarve. Remember, life is about using the whole box of crayons… #TrueStory.

Magdel Steyn
Magdel Steyn

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Magdél is a communication specialist and entrepreneur who creates opportunities for traveling and stories through her digital nomad lifestyle. She is the owner of MSMedia and a Digital Influencer who shares various business and travel tips.

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