Our Editor Reveals Her Skin Care Secrets

One of my passions in life is definitely the beauty industry and its endless skin care products. From makeup to surgical procedures; to learn more about each brand and stay on top of the trends. There are products that come and go, and then there are your good old faithful brands like Chanel that will reign forever.

Through my journey in the Media Industry, I’ve had the privilege to try so many brands, especially makeup and skin care. I’ve learned more about each brand’s “why”, what is the newest technology and what works for who and not. What I also found really interesting, is the difference between cosmetic skin care and dermatological skin care. I’ve known Dr. Marc Roscher, The President of the Dermatological Institute of South Africa, for a few years now and learned so much from him in this regard.

I just turned 36 years old, but whenever someone guess my age, they normally guess anything from 26 to 32 years.

This really makes me smile, cause wow, what a compliment. I realize that genes play an important role when it comes to your skin and aging, but so does skincare, your skin routine, the sun and these days the big “s” word – stress. After a few requests, I’ve decided to share my skin care secrets with you.

I’m using BioMedical Emporium and can definitely see a huge difference in my pore size, fine lines, marks, and dryness. All the Biomedical Emporium products comprise of the very unique and explicit tertiary tissue-protective peptide technology synthesized by Dr Judey Pretorius.

My skin is healthy, hydrated and the fine lines on my forehead and frown is slowly disappearing without any Botox. The marks on my skin are so much lighter. My skin feels healthy and it is a relief to know that this is a medical product formulated for all skin types. On top of my daily skincare, I drink PeptiPlus Collagen every day, as well as Vitamin B and Omega Oil.  

Make-up Remover

I believe in a make-up remover or facial wet wipes. I’ve tried every brand there is on the market, but really love this one, because it does not only remove water and oil-based makeup but also has an anti-oxidant activity.

Buy it now – R495

Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser is fantastic! It is Anti-inflammatory, has deep cleansing capabilities, it decreases sebum production, improves skin appearance and reduces pore size. Once a week I sleep with this cleanser on. It works like a chemical peel when you keep it on.

Buy it now – R445

Skin Repair Serum

At this stage, I’m using 2 serums. The Skin Repair Serum in the mornings and the Anti-Acne Serum in the evenings before my day/night cream. The Skin Repair Serum calms your skin, is anti-inflammatory, decreases pore size and creates a smooth appearance.

Buy it now – R625

Anti-Acne Serum

The Anti-Acne Serum detoxifies your skin It’s a chemical defoliator, and it’s also anti-inflammatory with skin calming and restoration properties.

Buy it now – R695

Peptide Therapy Cream

Now, this is the queen of skincare! I love the Peptide Therapy and use it as my day and night cream after I apply my serum. It has advanced cellular repair capabilities, skin redensification, calms your skin and promotes skin hydration and moisture retention.

Buy it now – R1580

PeptiPlus Collagen

Collagen helps for a lot of things from blood vessels to a leaky gut and then off cause hair, skin and nails. It reduces wrinkles and encourages your skin to become soft, supple and more elastic, which decreases the prevalence of wrinkles and blemishes. Wrinkles and skin imperfections benefit greatly from collagen. I love PeptiPlus because it is tasteless. I mix it with everything, from coffee to my yogurt, depending on what I eat in the mornings.

Buy it now – R250

Look out for my next blog about my makeup routine and the products I’m using. I believe make-up is part of your skin routine and you have to be careful what you put on your face. Please comment below and tell me what brand you are using for your skin care and why. I would love to know.

All my love, Magdie

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