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From enchanting tall skyscrapers, midnight lighting and the indulgent passion for art and designer spaces, I’ve decided to combine my most-loved visitations to some of New York’s best architecture, interior design and public spaces to add to your “favourites” list.

Upon my recent visit to the U.S, I’ve gathered a sense of contemporary excellence within the architecture of New York, Manhattan and Jersey City.

The Architecture of new developments are seamless in its’s detail, very conceptual with mesmerizing lighting and usually dramatic in scale. Yet the older buildings lack no charm and seem to have its own urban personality reminding me of a typical NY movie such as “Maid in Manhattan”. Graffiti seems to be around every nook and cranny, revealing plenty of talent and freedom in the expression of arts.


350 Modera Lofts in Jersey City N.Y

a Modern residential development with exposed brick complimented by the symmetry of numerous black aluminium windows and the essence of an industrial style interior.

By Mill creek residential: “Live where authentic quality meets modern luxury – where 12-foot ceilings, original wood beams, lofted ceilings, and exposed masonry meet integrated technology, chef’s kitchens, and a chic collection of finishes and amenities. Brand new apartments in Jersey City, Modera Lofts is where landmark status meets the latest trends with century-old pine paired with polished concrete floors, industrial windows matched by quartz and stainless steel, and original Jersey City architecture accentuated by twenty-first century perks” 


Urby Residential Building in Jersey City

Project by real estate firm Ironstate and Roselad Residential, dutch studio Concrete, located on the Harborside in Jersey City. With beautiful views of downtown Manhattan overlooking the Hudson river. The contemporary residential skyscraper has a complex design illustrating blocks stacked on top of each other.


Transportation Hub Oculus in Manhattan

It was fascinating to first see this extraordinary building, but once I’ve entered the inside it was hard to comprehend how prodigious this space really was. Lighting Entering the massive open room from almost every angle, creating a sense of weightlessness that is shaped in what I perceive as a skeleton-like structure. This is definitely one of the most significant spaces you’l ever be able to experience.


240 2nd Ave Jersey City

“Enter the parlor floor through French doors to discover a bright and airy open-concept design. The massive living room showcases gorgeous crown moulding, sleek white oak hardwood floors, and contemporary light fixtures.” (

Some of our NYFW team that we travelled with had the privilege to stay in this beautiful house throughout their stay in the U.S. I would definitely recommend this property for large groups and families when visiting Jersey City. It is a 6 bedroom luxury unit with 3 bathrooms and a lovely private outdoor terrace surrounded by the urban lifestyle. With old face brick-charm from the outside, to a luxury sleek, modern farm-style home interior design feel.


New World Trade Centre

The New World Trade Centre tower is a monumental skyscraper in the skyline of N.Y.C, designed by David Childs of Skidmore, once known as the Freedom Tower by Daniel Libeskind.

Being in the presence of this commemorating structure seemed nearly overwhelming and emotional since the 9/11 incident was up and till then just a figurative incident in the history of the United states seen on the screen of my T.V. One could almost relive the moment with the tremendous architectural efforts done to this memorial site.

“Childs has stressed the point that the building is to both mark the site of the old towers and be a beacon for the future, like a lighthouse, and, partly as a result, the tower-topping spire will rise 408 feet, to bring the building to the historically symbolic height of 1,776 feet, making it the tallest in not only New York but also the nation.” (Architecturaldigest)


Brookfield Place, N.Y

It was a Friday afternoon when me and a few friends walked through this building for the first time, already impressed by the significant glass dome-like Foyer. As it was thus far visible from the Ferry crossing Hudson river on our way there. We spent the evening drinking our usual Starbucks coffee, enjoying the surreal scene through the glass windows. We then spent my favourite 3 hours of the trip Ice-scating at the Brookfield Ice Rink while enjoying the outdoor lights surrounding us from all around. The architecture of this property was indeed an work of outstanding artistry, skill, and workmanship.


The New School Building

The “16 stories of significance was built in 2016, located in the heart of New York City on the corner of 14th and 5th Avenue. a Building creating possibilities for so may students, designed with the purpose to inspire.

”Interactive spaces are dispersed vertically throughout the section to activate all levels of the building. Tying them together are three iconic stairs that weave their way through the building, providing ample opportunities for encounters. This structure creates hives of activity that are traced along the facade with large glass windows. In between these interactive zones are long, loft-style spaces that house 50,000 square feet of design studios, classrooms, and computing labs. These flexible spaces can be renovated or reconfigured with no impact on power, data, or lighting.”


Harborside Atrium Food court.

Im inlove with Harborside place’s new Food court interior, designed with a distinct monochromatic scheme complimented by a full wall of graffiti artwork. It displays the magic of what makes Jersey City so special and gives the space a creative flair. Harborside Atrium is located on the Waterfront across the Jersey City Ferry station and it is definitely a big surprise when exiting the back door of the atrium, walking onto the Pierre next to the Hudson river. The space has thoughtfully been designed and decorated using contemporary furniture, dramatic lighting and indoor greenery.


NEW YORK CITY has exceeded all my expectations and could personally  be described as an architectural paradise. The Urban lifestyle is something spectacular and designs detailed with stories of different eras and styles are grabbing the attention of any creative mind.

Me standing in front of a wallpaper mural opposite the Oculus structure.

“My love for architecture and design goes far beyond my career. It’s a passion, a natural existence of my soul” Carmen Hosten.


Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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