New Year New Look

Spring/ Summer 2021 fashion week stunned us all with the bold, off showing, body confident looks. 2020 has been a quiet and depressing year for most of us, especially the fashion industry. The world had to stay indoors and isolated from one another. It is no wonder that this season is bringing us crazy bold, confident and super stylish designs. Fashion week definitely ruled this past month, and we couldn’t love it more.

New Year New Lookr New Looks

Masked Up

We all need protection as soon as you leave the house, and you might as well do it in style. Your mask covers your whole face and immediately brings an image forth of your aesthetic. It is no secret that black works with everything and will definitely match any outfit you wear. Opting for good quality, a stylish black face mask is the new in-trend fashion statement and has been seen all over the runway. Silk fabric gives off a more elegant stylish look and the greatest benefit it is more breathable. Feeling fancy, go for an embellished, designer like a mask. This mask will become your new “little black dress”.

New Year New Look
New Year New Look

Bold & Daring

The 80s are back with its bold oversized shoulders, with big spiked up collars and oversized blazers. This throwback in history has now developed into its own fashion statement, with even more daring looks. Big shoulders are now seen in cropped tops, designer balloon blouses, mutton sleeves, and even in capes. The world is your oyster, with its new motto- Bigger is BetterNew Year New Look

New Year New Look


Yes, like flossing your teeth but now it is your body. Midriff flossing is the art of crisscrossing, wrapping around cords and strings of your garment around your body. These strings can literally come from anywhere: bikini straps, bralette crossovers, maxi dress strings and even long jean belts. Be daring and try this uprising trend first!

We are excited to see what the fashion world brings us next, taking you along with every runway look. Tag us in your outfit inspiration and like always, keep the creative juices flowing!

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New Year New Look



Tana Van Heerden

Fashion Editor

Tana is a goal-driven and energetic young woman who is always seeking for new adventures in work and life. She is currently a 3 rd year student studying Consumer Science, clothing and retail management at the University of Pretoria. Tana introduced the fashion and makeup section at UP newspaper, PDBY, and that is where she developed a passion for articles. She is the social media manager for MUSE, therethrough she saw an opportunity to start her online store, ROPAS_SA. In her free time, she does makeup tutorials on Instagram, follow and write about the latest fashion trends and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with family and friends. Tana believes that you should always empower and inspire the people around you, and what better way than through beauty, seen from the inside as well as outside.

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