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The Griekwastad-murders are immortalized on the silver screen and will be released on 5 May 2020 via Box Office. The film tells the story of the cruel acts which shook the world to its core in 2012.

It was filmed based on the book ‘The Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa’ by Jacques Steenkamp. World-renowned South African actor, Arnold Vosloo, plays the leading role of Colonel Dick De Waal and was definitely one of the highlights seeing him on local screen. SAFTA winners, Tertius Kapp and Jozua Malherbe, are responsible for the script and direction.

The Steenkamp family are all watching television on a warm autumn evening in the Northern Province when Deon, Christel, and their daughter are murdered in their living room.

Their son is the only survivor, who rushes into the local police station, bloody except for his clean shirt. He falls to his knees in the middle of the floor: “They are dead, they are all dead!”

The stage is set for Dick de Waal to solve the most haunting case of his career and must relinquish his belief in the innocence of youth to solve a triple homicide on the Steenkamp farm.

The happenings around the Griekwastad-murders kept the whole nation glued to every single piece of news and every new fact which was made public. The film predominantly focuses on the happenings around the murders, as well as the investigation after the murders.

The film is produced by SCENE23, consisting of Deon Meyer, Tim Theron, Cobus van den Berg and Tracey Lange.

The cast includes the likes of Arnold Vosloo, Alex van Dyk, Jane De Wet, Albert Pretorius, Albert Martiz, Deon Lotz, Ira Blanckenberg, Rolanda Marais, Tim Theron, Jody Abrahams and many more.


Interview with director – Jozua Malherbe 

What was your feeling about the film from the start?

That one need to have sensitivity for the story! You need to have a banner in front of your eyes, these are real people in our country. BE RESPECTFUL.

What challenges did you find during the production?

We really tried to make it as authentic as possible! It could’ve been great shooting it in the original town, but Hopefield did a great job and I must say – it was really easy creating this film, cause the people of the town made this film.

Why do you think people need to watch this film?

Firstly it’s entertaining! The situation and film are true to South-Africa and something that shocked everyone a few years ago.

The best part of being this film’s director?

To work with the legendary Arnold Vosloo for starters, and to be introduced to new actors in the film industry. It’s a great film.

How was it to work with this cast?

Well, we had a stellar cast! I have incredible respect for each one of them. Big names and they contributed to a GREAT film.

According to you, who and what’s the target group for this film?

It’s a True Crime genre. We as South Africans are on the lookout for something that’s true and close to ourselves.


Quick chat with Actor, Alex Van Dyk, playing Don.

I’ve recently interviewed the 17-year-old actor Alex van Dyk who covers the role of ‘Don’ in the film. Through acting he’s still completing his grade 11 year in school.


Did you know about the Griekwastad murders before you auditioned for this film?

No, I only discovered this tragedy when I auditioned.

What is it like playing in this film for you personally?

It was challenging. One needs to find a fine line in playing a character so that you are not playing too much or too less of the idea people have about a role. I also learned so much through this film, and what a privilege to work with the best actors possible, like Arnold Vosloo.

What’s your best part of making the film?

Definitely the part riding the horses! It was actually my first time riding a horse. Afterward we bought two ourselves. 😉

How was it for your parents?

Luckily my parents are both liberal. My first film ‘STROPERS’ was also a very rough film, so they are used to the idea. If I’m comfortable, they are comfortable.

If you can play in a local series, which one?

Locally, I want to play in Binnelanders.

Who would you like to act within a film/series?

Dwayne Johnson

Your Favourite Food?

Biltong! I stay on a farm.

If you can choose between Mc Donalds or KFC? 

Definitely McDonalds.


In spite of the COVID-19 situation, you can watch this film in the comfort of your own home. The Film’s available on DSTV Boxoffice and if you don’t have DSTV you can rent and live stream it on the BoxOffice website.


Here’s the trailer to get you excited and show you why you need to watch this film!


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Christo Golden

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