Winnie Harlow


Winnie Harlow grabbed the world’s attention after being the first super model to walk the runway with vitiligo. This has never been done before. Vitiligo occurs due to the loss of melanin…

Cameras, Lights & Action

You are surrounded by makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, photographers, assistants, a tea lady and so many more. What more could a model ask for? Most people assume that the modelling…

The Minimalistic Model

minimalist /ˈmɪnɪm(ə)lɪst/ adjective: minimalistic 1. relating to minimalism. lacking decoration or adornment; deliberately simple or…

Lisa Robertson
Lisa Robertson

Modeling Editor

Lisa Robertson is the owner of ACE Models Pretoria East as well as a scout for ICE Model Management. She absolutely lives her passion by inspiring, motivating and helping young girls and women by providing a healthy platform where they can grow their identity, good values and self-confidence. Lisa is passionately driven, dynamic and lives every day to the fullest. She has years of experience in the modeling industry & shares a love for fashion and all things glamour.

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