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I had the privilege to meet with the gorgeous 15-year-old Imairre Lloyd, who is a finalist for Miss Teen Eco South Africa. She is young, beautiful and dynamic. Model interview

I asked her a few questions for our model interview of the month.

Tell us about yourself? 

I am a finalist in Miss Eco Teen, South Africa. My journey in this model pageant thus far can be described with one word: amazing. It has given me a platform to meet with city changers and influential people, celebrities and people that can really make a difference in the community. It has also given me opportunities to get involved and to make a difference in my own way. This pageant is not only about beauty for me it is about beauty with a purpose.

What value can you add?

My involvement in meaningful projects such as Eco bricks, recycling and Clean Up the Hennops River inspired me to such an extent that I would like to stay involved, continually seeking opportunities to promote and create awareness regarding our environment, some key challenges our environment faces but also how a single effort can make a difference.

Where did your journey start?

My journey in the pageant world started at a very early age but in 2017 I decided to take it to another level; my purpose changed. I know I am still very young, and I have my whole life ahead of me but 2017 was for sure one of the most, if not the single most challenging year in my young life till date. model interview

You were diagnosed with a rare immune disorder. What effect did the diagnosis have on you?

I was diagnosed with Pseudopelade of Brocq also known as Folliculitis decal vans/ cicatricial alopecia or scarring alopecia. It is the loss of hair which is accompanied by scarring. It is a disorder that destroys the hair follicle and replaces it with scar tissue. It is a form of permanent hair loss. After we went for a second medical opinion, we were fortunate to meet Dr Alexander, who has a Hair Loss Clinic in Bedfordview. The treatment involved 9 weeks of cortisone injections into my skull. It was very painful and traumatic, taking all the side effects of cortisone, such as excessive weight gain, bad skin and so forth, into account. Today, 2 years later the disease is in remission and I will be forever grateful and thankful to Dr Alexander. I follow up with him yearly and must use Minoxidil every day for the rest of my life.

How did it change your outlook on life?

The diagnosis was devastating. Besides the fear of losing my hair, gaining weight and a constant battle to stay positive, the pageant world gave me self-confidence. It inspired me to follow a disciplined life and to look after myself, to take care of myself. My diagnosis did not define me. Today, I have beautiful long hair. Not a day goes by without compliments. My hair is my crown and I wear it proudly. I will never take my beautiful long hair for granted – only when you almost lose something do you appreciate what you have. model interview

Last but not least. Tell us about your journey as a finalist for Miss Eco Teen SA.

The journey as a finalist for Miss Eco Teen SA has given me a platform to be a voice, to be an example and a role model for kids with similar difficulties such as alopecia, eating disorders, self-confidence issues to name but a few. But more important, it unleashed a burning desire within me to make a difference, even if the difference is ever so small, it is still a difference. If we want to save our oceans, save trees and bees, we must make the choice to become the change. Don’t get in your own way, don’t let a disorder, illness of whatever challenge you face hold you back.

I am beauty with a purpose. – Imairre Lloyd

She is not only beautiful but an inspiration to many.

Lisa xx

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Lisa Robertson
Lisa Robertson

Modeling Editor

Lisa Robertson is the owner of ACE Models Pretoria East as well as a scout for ICE Model Management. She absolutely lives her passion by inspiring, motivating and helping young girls and women by providing a healthy platform where they can grow their identity, good values and self-confidence. Lisa is passionately driven, dynamic and lives every day to the fullest. She has years of experience in the modeling industry & shares a love for fashion and all things glamour.

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