Matapa Maila Rikhotso Crowned First Princess in Mrs World Pageant

It goes without saying that South Africa has been reeling in crowns left, right and centre in pageants all around the world this year.  But we are particularly proud of Matapa Maila Rikhotso, our very own Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa Queen.

Mrs South Africa is a movement that shines the torch on real women. Real women with real lives, real stories, real curves and real problems.

‘’Mrs South Africa is not the typical beauty pageant. It offers married South African women who have real-life careers, families, and hobbies a platform to make a difference and to empower women across South Africa. Glamour and sophistication are part of the criteria, but the women who enter and win all have those relatable stories we’re looking for.’’

The opportunity that Mrs South Africa creates for married women across our beautiful country is significant in every way. It is truly a life-changing journey for the women who enter this renowned Woman Empowerment Program.

Ladies from around the globe arrived at the Westgate Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas on April 29th and was treated like royalty throughout their stay until the thrilling coronation of the new Mrs. World on May 4th, 2019.

Matapa looked absolutely beautiful in her interview wear by SnB Designs and had this to say after her interview on May 3rd…

It was a pleasure meeting the judges, we engaged in serious dialogue and also shared some light moments. An experience like no other. Will forever be a part of the history in the books of Mrs World Pageant. The highlight of 2019, was gracing the interview room with South Africa across my chest. I poured my heart into it and I am happy to say I have no regrets. I was here……

Mrs Vietnam, Jennifer Le, was crowned Mrs World 2019, while Mrs Malaysia, Kokilam Kathirvailu, took the title of second princess.

We are extremely proud of you Matapa, and you held the flag of South Africa high during your stay in Las Vegas.

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Jessica Pieters
Jessica Pieters


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