Mantsho’s Fashion Love Letter to the World

Did you spot the Mantsho range in store over the weekend? Bloss Africa did and reviews the Mantsho x H&M range and what buyers can expect to see. 

Who doesn’t appreciate a good print? Especially when it’s custom created by one of us, with the intention to export our culture and not appropriate it. We are all here for an authentic African aesthetic that mostly benefits an African creative and this is exactly what Palesa Mokubung’s Mantsho x HM collab serves.

Her collaboration with H&M highlights the African story in the most modern and vibrant way, meaning any Mantsho garment instore can be identified by its colour, boldness and edgy cuts, you won’t miss it. The great news is that the range is available worldwide. That’s a win for African fashion which has inspired trends for decades and finally gets first-hand credit. 


Dresses are made from fabrics that are flattering to the female form. The flirty details on the dresses make for a fun and quirky look. These dresses can be worn by both young and old, without feeling out of place.


‘African goddess’ is the first thing that comes to mind with these accessories. There is a gold majestic feel to them and they capture the eye immediately. The reference of the Ndebele motif is seen in the arm cuffs, in loving reference to Ndebele women who wear rings called “indzila” around their necks and arms as a way of showcasing the wealth and status of the family. The cape collar is said to be multifunctional; it can be worn as a cape or even around the waist as a waist belt. 


It’s safe to say that comfortability and looking good is the best combo. An espadrille type of shoe is perfect for a day out with friends or family. It is said to have suede insoles and rubber soles, which contributes to the comfortability. We cannot forget the pattern work on these shoes, it really stands out.

It’s so important to continue supporting local designers so please share your images in Mantsho on your social platforms and tag them, and do share your thoughts on this H&M collaboration under the comments section.

Don’t forget to add your own piece of individuality to make the look your own. That’s what the world will know us for; ingenious originality.

Written by Tshepang Mofokeng

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