Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

Are you just way to busy in the morning for a full 40min makeup routine? Maybe you are running around packing lunches for children?

Maybe you need to catch up on some work. And maybe you just love your beauty sleep. With these few tips, you can get your make up routine done in 10min.

1. Start on a clean face and prep your skin.

After you have removed all the oils and bacteria that built up during the evening, prepare your skin with a moisturiser (SPF 30 preferably). After that, use a primer that is suited to your skin type. It could be mattifying, hydrating, pore controlling, radiating, etc.

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

2. Lay your foundation.

Apply a pea-sized drop of foundation to the back of your hand and pick up a little product at a time with a brush. Blend it on to your face using downward strokes if you are using a flat foundation brush and circular motions if you are using a buff brush.

When using a beauty blender, place dots of foundation all over your face and start pressing the (wet) beauty blender repeatedly on your face to blend.

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

3. Build your brows.

For the quickest way to do your brown, use a tinted brow gel. A brow gel with a tint will not only enhance the colour of your brows but it will fill them as well and make them look more full.

It will also allow your brows to stay in place and protect them from light rain and perspiration.

4. Bronze and blush.

Bronzer should be applied lightly, under the cheekbones and close up to your hairline. A large powder brush should work just fine for applying your bronzer and when you are done the same brush can be used to apply your blusher.

When applying your blush, use only a little product at a time. It is easier to apply more product than to try and remove the excess product.

Apply more bronzer to the crease of your eye and blend it with a large eyeshadow brush. To finish off your eyes, apply just a tiny amount of product under your eyes, next to the waterline. This will simply round off the whole look.

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

5. Gloss

A glossy lip will always look great. Apply a slight pink or neutral glass to your lips. You are able to reapply as you please. A gloss will keep your lips hydrated and it will give a false effect of more plump lips while still looking as natural and effortless as possible.

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

6. Lashes and liner.

To complete your eyes mascara is really important. Black or brown mascara can be used, depending on how natural you want to go. The same accounts for your eyeliner and applying it will enhance your eye makeup and it takes no time to do.

A thin line on the top lid is perfect. Finally, add a mascara that gives your lashes the length and volume you require.

Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

And that is as simple as that. This quick and super easy makeup routine will make you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your busy day.

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Makeup Routine For Busy Bodies

Shannon Bouwer Bosch

Beauty Editor

Shannon is a 24 year old beauty advisor for a cosmetics company with a passion for make up artistry. She is a small time farm girl from Paarl and she loves to spend her free time drinking coffee and wine. She studied speech and language pathology at UCT but decided that her heart lies in the beauty industry. Making people feel beautiful makes her feel that she has done her work and that’s what makes her get up each and every morning.

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