Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask

Level 2 of our National Lockdown well underway and we are still required to wear our damn masks. I am sure I am not the only one who missed my full face of makeup. But we have to abide by the rules. I will be sharing some tips on what makeup to apply to make wearing the mask a little less tedious. Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask


When you are using a full coverage concealer, only a little product is needed. Apply a dash to your forehead and under your eyes to give the illusion of foundation. You will not have the need to touch up your make up when using a concealer and it will appear more seamless than a foundation. Applying the concealer to limited areas of your face will also prevent it from transferring onto your mask. For oily skin use a matte, fluid concealer and apply it with a wet beauty blender for the best application. If you have dry skin, use a cream, hydrating, thicker textured concealer. You should warm up the concealer between your ring fingers and lightly tap it on your skin until it is blended perfectly.

Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask


Filling in your brows immediately enhances your face and it gives a false effect of wearing makeup. Filling in your brows with a pencil, cream or powder is really easy and takes very little time. After applying the product of your choice, use a little brush to brush through your brows. This will make your brows seem more natural and textured. If you are not comfortable using a brow pencil, cream or powder there is always the option of going for a brow tint. A brow tint will last a few weeks before it fades. When choosing a colour to fill your brows always make sure it is not too dark. Less is more. A natural, soft application is more than enough to get the required look.


Eyeliner is the perfect way to make anyone believe that you did way more effort than you actually did. A simple black line on your top lid will create the false effect of effortful makeup application. There is room for increasing the effect by doing a slight wing. And decreasing the effect by using a brown liner or a pencil. Liquid eyeliner will show a more precise line. Using it will make it seem as though you have spent time doing your make up, even if you didn’t. Using a pencil, on the other hand, will leave the line looking more relaxed and effortless. Enhancing your eyes will keep the focus on your eyes. People will barely notice that you haven’t applied any other makeup behind your mask.

Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask


This is your most powerful tool. Even when wearing no makeup at all, only applying mascara can make a huge difference. Building the length, volume and curl of your lashes is the easiest way to make it look as though you have actually applied makeup. A build-able mascara works perfectly if it does not create clumps. You could use a tinted lash primer for a more natural look. It gives length and darkens the lashes without it looking too dramatic. For little to no effort at all, lash extensions are awesome. Remember an oil-based makeup remover for mascara. And if you have lash extensions, stay away from oil-based products around the eye area.

Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask

BB Cream

A BB Cream is the greatest way to help your skin under your mask. A BB Cream should feed your skin. It should nourish it while you wear it, as well as give you a mild coverage. A full-coverage foundation that is not breathable can do more damage to your skin. It causes breakouts and dryness, especially under your mask. Using a B Cream will allow you to have somewhat of coverage without the negative effects. It is important to remember that a BB Cream is NOT a foundation. It is a moisturiser with a subtle tint. The right BB Cream should be able to replace your moisturiser the day that you apply it. A face bronzer is an amazing alternative for no coverage but more warmth to the skin.

Make-Up Tips For When You Wear Your Mask

There you have it. Five simple tricks on makeup application for when you want to go out and look fabulous but still be safe while wearing your mask. These tricks will show off your make up looks without having to put on a full face of makeup.

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Shannon Bouwer Bosch

Beauty Editor

Shannon is a 24 year old beauty advisor for a cosmetics company with a passion for make up artistry. She is a small time farm girl from Paarl and she loves to spend her free time drinking coffee and wine. She studied speech and language pathology at UCT but decided that her heart lies in the beauty industry. Making people feel beautiful makes her feel that she has done her work and that’s what makes her get up each and every morning.

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