Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women

You can have your own magic wand with your makeup brush.

Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women
STATUS Rose Gold Brush set from Status Cosmetics

Makeup Brush Breakdown-

Makeup brushes make a difference to me by adding just that extra touch with blusher  and to give a smooth look to the final touch of foundation, 

  1. So, brushes are pretty much the bread and butter of makeup. Even an experienced makeup artist will have trouble doing makeup with bad brushes. LUCKILY good quality, high-performing brushes don’t have to be incredibly expensive. There are several brands that have awesome brushes for a really good price. 

How To Use Your Brushes-

We will start with the basics.

Dense Shaded Brush: This brush is for packing on color, and applying base shadow. This is a KEY brush in your collection. You need a brush that will pack shadow well without spreading the powder spreading out all over the place, and you need a brush that will apply your base shadow seamlessly. The base shadow is important because it is the first layer of skin-tone shadow you need to be able to blend your other colors on your eye without patchiness.

Fluffy Blending Brush: This is a really important brush because you need it to apply your transition shades. Transition shades are the color between your lid shade your crease shade. They allow for a seamless, Ombre look on your eye and they blend your shadows out beautifully. 

Crease Brush: This is perfect for specific colors in your crease. I use this when applying my outer v color to my eye, and my inner corner color (especially if I am doing a halo eye). It’s typically a little more dense than a fluffy blending brush and applies shadow in a specific location. 

Eyebrow Brush / Spoolie: I use dip brow pomade for my eyebrows, so I need a brush to be able to apply the pomade to my brow. The spoolie is the little empty-mascara-brush-looking thing you see on the end of brow brushes. I prefer a looser brush so I can pull the color through the brow hairs. 

Blush Brush: This is pretty self-explanatory. You need a blush brush. This brush should be loosely packed, fluffy and soft. It should spread the blush across your face without sticking to your skin.

Bronzer / Powder Brush: This brush is important because you need a brush to evenly distribute powder across your skin, and to put bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks. It should be very large and very fluffy so that the color doesn’t get distributed in one specific spot, more like all over your skin. 

Now we will get into the specific brushes-

Highlighter Brush: This should be a long bristled and tapered brush. I prefer synthetic bristles, and you just need to be able to pick up the product on the end of the tapered bristles to lightly go across the tops of your cheeks (and your cupids bow or nose). 

Contour Brush: If you are into contouring, this brush will be a godsend for you. It specifically places product in the hollows of your cheeks to carve it out (with powder contour — this brush does not work for cream contour). I typically will put a light bronzing powder with the powder brush, and then go in with a darker contour shade right under my cheekbones.

Pencil Brush: This is important if you are doing things like a cut crease, a very specific color in the v of your eye, or shading out underneath your lower lash line. It is a dense brush, usually made of synthetic fibers that taper to a very sharp point.

 Detail Shader Brush: This is much like the dense shader brush, but smaller and with more tightly packed bristles. I use this brush for halo eyes to get a very precise amount of product packed in one area.

Small Blending Brush: This is exactly the same as a fluffy blending brush except for the fact that it is tiny. It is for very precise blending, usually underneath your lower lash line for a smoked-out effect. I also use it to apply highlight to my brow bone, like a little mini highlighter brush.

Small Angle Brush: This is often used for winged eyeliner in conjunction with gel liner in a pot. They can be very hard to use, and hard to find a really good one. I like mine short and dense because the longer the bristles, the less control you have over the brush.

Large Angle Brush: This brush is typically used for eye crease contouring and applying crease colors in a specific area. I don’t really reach for this brush very often, but it does a good job when I do. It’s certainly not a necessary brush, however.

Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women
Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women

The Importance Of Brushes-

  1. Why is this SO SO SO important? Like I stated earlier: even the most experienced makeup artist in the world will have trouble doing makeup with bad brushes. You may actually be better at makeup than you think you are — your brushes could be holding you back!

Good quality brushes will distribute product more evenly, keep pigment in tack, last longer, and (as long as you clean them correctly) will hold their shape well. Bad quality brushes often fall apart quickly, apply the product more patchy and won’t blend evenly across your eye.

True Story-

I had been using very poor quality brushes for a long time, and then a few months ago I realized how important it’s to use the perfect brush set, 

I asked a few moms on WhatsApp group what they thought of using makeup brushes some said I don’t have time to use makeup brushes to add foundation but they do use a blusher brush so you see we all are so different and prefer our own thing I really hope that this helped and you can decide on brushes that are unique to you. 

 I know this has probably sounded like I was beating a dead horse, but it truly helps to see how important brushes are and what brushes are used for what style of makeup. NOT all brushes are created equal, and I hope I’ve convinced you to finally bite the bullet and get a nice set of brushes. I promise you’ll notice a difference in your makeup.

STATUS Rose Gold Brush set

 – Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women. Get your STATUS Rose Gold Brush set now in our BLOSS Shop at a special discount


Make-Up Brushes Are Magic Wands For All Women


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