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As in most countries at the moment, we’re going into a national state of lockdown because of COVID-19, if not already in it. With the schools and multiple public places closing, I read numerous instagram posts of moms that suddenly had to work from home, watch their children and facilitate learning while running their households without any help from cleaning services or nannies. 

Yes, I do believe that you get different types of tiredness. Being a parent, you’d know, there are no breaks, period. The time you get to spend on yourself is limited and as mothers we cannot help but to worry about what the future will hold. This is why it is of utmost importance to feed your soul and mind with positivity so that we can only become stronger.

Here are four ideas to keep every exhausted mother, encouraged:


Nothing that you’ve ever done has been more tiring and yet as fulfilling! I want to encourage you and tell you that you are doing an amazing job. Raising kids is never ending and what you put into your child is what you are going to get out, right? It’s good to always strive to be better but do not put too much strain on yourself. You are what your kids need. Give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself everyday of your worth.


You are going to get tired! Emotionally and physically tested and drained. You are only human, mama and that is okay. I believe that we become the person that we think we are. Keep feeding yourself positive thoughts. Take some alone time whenever you need it and whenever you can. Remember, you are not alone. You might just encourage and help someone else by being honest about what you feel. Use this time to connect to other people you can relate to and who falls into the same positivity-bracket as you. 


The energy that you put out there is the energy that is going to come back to you. It’s a time in which we’re basically forced to think of everyone around us instead of ourselves. This is why it’s so important to look after our inner selves, our minds and our faith. God made us women fiercely strong to fine tune and regulate the energy in our households as well as the energy all around us. This is the time to reconnect with yourselves and gather your thoughts on… well… everything. Don’t be afraid to change your thoughts, ways and beliefs if it’s going to make you the person you want to be.


Faith is our belief in the things we cannot see and yet we experience how it becomes our reality though daily life. Manage your time so that you get to spend the necessary time with God, meditating or praying. Do some introspection. The current situation which we find ourselves in is such a blessing. I’m sure our perspectives on life have already changed in multiple ways, and they’ll keep changing throughout this journey. I find God in stillness.

Matthew 11:28  Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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Juan-Ri Mostert

Kids Editor

Juan-Ri Mostert is getroud met Springbokspeler en Wêreldbeker-wenner, Franco Mostert en mamma van twee prinsesse, Joia-Belle en Jemi-Mílja. Hulle bly tans in die UK waar Franco sy rugbydroom kan uitleef en sy haar belangstellings wat strek van kinders, skryf, skoonheid en alles kreatief. Sy het haar graad in Joernalistiek, asook 'n sertifikaat in grimeerkuns en natuurlik... 'n Meestersgraad in Mamma-wees. Sy is die eienaar van 'n blog genaamd, "Everything Mostert", waar sy skryf oor hul interessante leefstyl, daaglikse dinge, haar mamma-challenges en hul splinternuwe Sous-besigheid wat binnekort die lig gaan sien. Sy is in ekstase oor haar nuwe titel as BLOSS se Kinderedakteur en sien uit na haar pad saam met al die mamma-lesers.

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