London Fashion Week Called and We Answered

We promised you London Fashion Week street style, and #LFWstreetstyle is what you’ll get. The cream of the crop roamed the streets of London, running between fashion shows and getting their photos taken by street style photographers.

While all of the trends for Spring 2020 were showcased by the UK’s top designers, the guests attending the shows certainly didn’t disappoint. We did, however, notice that suits, blazers and structured jackets (basically tailoring that is on point) had a major moment on 180 Strand Street, London.

But don’t believe us, take it from Victoria Beckham herself…

So, let’s dive right in!

Here are some of our favourite (tailored) street style looks

Source: @streetrends, Photograph by @thestylestalkercom
Source: @streetrends, Photograph by @thestyleograph
Source: @streetrends, Photograph by @thestyleograph
Source: @streetrends, Photographs by @thestyleograph

Remember what I said about the tiny handbags?

Okay, pause.

Not what you thought, right? When we say “suits & blazers”, we don’t mean black and boring. The suit has been taken to a whole other level during the past few seasons. Oversized jackets and blazers, that look like you stole them from your boyfriend, are what we mean. Unusual patterns and neon pink blazers are what we mean. Think classic, but make it fashion. And out of the box.

Source: @amixxamiaya
Source: @thestylestalkercom

Think red blazer with a big belt and bike shorts. Or a blazer that essentially functions as a dress. How could we not love this? Tell us you agree?

Source: @justauniform
Source: @sarahellen_photography

We think this fresh take on structured clothing is the epitome of sophisticated spring fashion. Although this is not the only trend London Fashion Week delivered, it is definitely our favourite. To catch up on everything you might have missed, check out the official #LFW Instagram.

Next up: Our favourite runway fashion from Milan Fashion Week (which is happening right now, btw). Look out for the blog next week!

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Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

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