Lockdown Tips For Every Social Butterfly

Social butterfly – Someone who enjoys socializing and being surrounded by people

Do you consider yourself to be a social butterfly or someone that enjoys the company of other people? Maybe you just miss being around people. I know I miss being around people and socializing face to face.

Missing friends and family? Do not worry it is normal, especially during lock-down.

Here are some tips on how to cope and look after your social well-being during these times.

  • Most of us have phones so why not use them. If you are missing someone, give them a call. Chances are they too are missing you. Find out how they are doing.
  • Give your family or friends a Skype or zoom call. You can do a group chat and talk to many of your friends at the same time how cool is that.
  •  If you are on lock-down with your family or friends, use this time to reconnect and get to know each other even better. Spend some quality time, enjoy each other’s company. Appreciate the people you have around you.
    Spend quality time with the people you are on lockdown with
  •  If you go out in public, stay safe but stay kind. It’s important to remember that it’s not just us who are having to adjust but it is indeed everyone that has to go through this situation.
  • Yes, it is important to stay social during lock-down but you should also remember to look after yourself too. Find fun things to do at home for example reading a book, play a game, do something artistic or go outside if you can. Take some time for yourself.
Reconnect with yourself and your passions
  •  If you have social media and the internet you can use it to help you stay connected to the world.
  •  Find new and innovative ideas to stay social that are still keeping yourself and the people you come in contact with safe.

I want you to remember this will pass, things will get better. You are not alone.
Take care of yourself, appreciate the things around you and keep a positive mindset.

From caterpillar to cocoon then transforming into a butterfly. The butterfly is proof that beautiful things can come from difficult situations- Unknown


Hermina Joubert
Hermina Joubert

Social Editor

Call her a dreamer. A lover of life a true enthusiast. Some of her passions include: People, she enjoys working with and getting to know everyone around her. Nature, she often enjoys being surrounded by nature it makes her feel peaceful and relaxed. In fact she often wishes that a sunset could be classified as a colour. Entertainment industry, a huge love of hers for as long as she can remember. This has become second nature to her. One of her greatest desires in life is to be able to make a difference in the lives of everyone she meets. She writes, motivates, and spreads positivity, enjoys life, and lives life to the fullest. Her motto: All things are possible

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