Lee Scott: Interview and New Music Video, ‘VRY’

Well-known presenter of  Kliphard on SABC 2, and better known for his profession as an artist, Lee Scott and I grabbed a cup of coffee to chat about his new single and music video.

Lee was born and raised in Pretoria and studied Music Theater Studies for a short period of time. He started to live his dream after being asked to be part of a group called ‘High-5″ following a competition he competed in. That is when he truly started being a performer and artist full time.

After seeing his new single, Vry, which is trending on all social media platforms right now, I chatted to him about the meaning and message he wants to portray with the song and get through to you as the listener.

“The song was written by me, Hugo Ludick and Vaughan Gardiner. It was such a blessing to work with such amazing and talented people on this song.”

The idea and story behind the song and what it means to Lee, is that instead of going to stand on a mountain and shouting it out, you need to break away from what is holding you down, to live a better life and look closely at the smaller, seemingly insignificant things in life.

The original idea behind the music video was the typical scene where someone gets in a car and drives around, but Lee went out of his way to be the first artist in SA using the Astera Titan tube lights in the music video. Lee wanted to be on the sideline of the music video at first because the content director wanted to get back up dancers, but he didn’t want to neglect any aspect of the video. The lights, in the form of a cube, almost hypnotises you and along with his dance moves, make the entire music video!

“The cube is symbolic of the things in life that boxes you in,” says Lee.

Future Plans?

Lee’s on an entirely new journey in his life and everything’s changing now. New music will be on the way soon, so keep an eye on his social media for more info!

Lee is also currently waiting to hear about a new TV-series that need to start where he’ll be the future presenter, so both thumbs crossed! He also said that if there are any other artists he would love to work with in the future, it would be ‘Die Heuwels Fantasties’ or ‘Caroline Grace’.

Something Personal – Did you know?

DREAM HOLIDAY – Lee’s dream holiday destination is none other than Bali! He said that he can never explain how and what an influential, mind-changing experience this was for him; a place where he opened his mind and started to reflect on everything. He would recommend it to anyone who still needs to discover the REAL you, or who just wants to enjoy pure bliss on a vacation.

FAVOURITE SPORT – Lee loves playing a bit of tennis in his free time and also running long distances.

FOOD – When looking at food and asking the artist for his favourite takeaways, he immediately chose pizza! Especially ones with pineapple on.

ROLE MODEL – I also asked Lee who’s his role model in life is and why. He answered that it is definitely his father, adding, “I know it sounds a bit cliché, but it’s the truth.” Lee also mentioned that both his parents are his biggest supporters on his journey chasing his dream.

I know you’ve been dying to get to this part, so here it is. Take a look at Lee Scott’s new music video – Vry

Do you like the video and song as much as I do? Let me know what you think in the comments! Until next time.

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Christo Golden
Christo Golden

Entertainment Editor

Christo Golden is a young driven presenter, master of ceremonies & brand ambassador who has been in the entertainment industry since 2017. At just 20 years old, Christo pursues his dreams and has been seen at various festivals and functions as MC. He is also working on his own TV show on Via DSTV Channel 147. He believes that nothing is impossible with his heavenly Father by his side, together with his talents.

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