Kryolan’s Cosmetics Aren’t Just Products

For more than 75 years and 3 generations, we do it our way – Kryolan’s Cosmetics Aren’t Just Products

We offer professional make-up to the industry so you can accomplish your tasks effectively and create incredible works of art.


Kryolan's Cosmetics

A Short History of Kryolan

Kryolan is one of the first cosmetic brands in the world to have used its own formulas in the creation of its products. It was established in 1945 by Arnold Langer, a dedicated chemistry student whose work was inspired by his love for theatre.

It is for this reason that Arnold was motivated to design a makeup range solely for professionals, using his knowledge of chemistry as a foundation for his products.

This allowed him to create colours and textures in his products that were never seen in previous cosmetic ranges.

A Makeup Brand Staying True to Its Roots

Today, Kryolan is still independently owned and operated by three generations of the Langer family. Their cutting-edge products are still scientifically formulated to ensure that they meet professional industry standards.

This brand gives professionals all the tools that they need to further amplify the quality of their work and masterfully create incredible looks for theatre, television, and cinema. Additionally, this brand gives consumers the opportunity to own professional quality makeup.

All The Bells and Whistles

Kryolan, however, doesn’t just focus on manufacturing professional quality makeup but also teaches makeup artists and consumers how to use their products effectively.

They offer many workshops and masterclasses that teach customers how to create professional looks namely high fashion and avant-garde, body paint, special effects, drag queen, fantasy characters, wedding makeup, and absolutely any look imaginable.

Additionally, they offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of audiences ranging from special effects makeup to everyday cosmetic products like makeup remover wipes.

This range also includes every makeup tool that a person can dream of and makeup kits that makes it easier for consumers to create their favourite makeup looks.

They ease curiosity with their blogs that offer customers a lens with which they may peer into the scientific world of Kryolan makeup formulation and describes the processes behind their products.

These blogs also offer explanations for why specific products are formulated and should be used.

For over 75 years this brand has believed that makeup isn’t just a product, it’s a science, a way of life, and a part of who people are.

Kryolan's Cosmetics

All of the information and images presented above was sourced from the Kryolan website via Kryolan South Africa 

Kryolan’s Cosmetics Aren’t Just Products

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