Is online shopping worth it?


I’m not sure about you but during this time I haven’t really enjoyed going to the shops. Whether it’s to get the monthly groceries or essential clothing. If you know me you will know how much I LOVE shopping.

I am so grateful for online shopping because I can do it where it’s warm, close the heater, chilling on my couch. I don’t have to touch items and then sanitize my hands 110 times. I can still have fun and stay away from the scare.

The realization that not all online shops are fun to shop on has come across my mind. Some of the shops make me feel uncomfortable because I have to click on the item a few times before it opens. Sometimes it zooms in and I didn’t want that to happen. That makes me want to get off the site as soon as I can.

I found an online store that made me want to stay on it. It is very user friendly, one click and I could view the product, and the next click I could purchase. It took me a total of 4 to 5 clicks before my order was in my cart and checked out. I enjoy the ‘foolproof’ websites A LOT because sometimes you just need things to be easy?

My experience with SOVIET

Soviet Zoe
ZOE-R 449.00

I ordered myself these beauties from SOVIET, I have never been this obsessed with a shoe in my entire life, I have worn them every day since I received them, yes to the kitchen and back does count!

Honestly speaking,  I really do love them, they match with the majority of my clothes. They are a bit tough but that’s because they need to be walked in a little, other than that, they are my new favourite item I own.  Thank you SOviet for the awesome service and the speedy delivery.


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Bianca Raposo

Fashion Editor

Bianca Raposo is in the digital marketing industry, she has an international Diploma in Fashion/Theatre and Media Hair & Makeup. Her true passion and appreciation for fashion came about when she started experimenting with different styles of clothing, thinking out the box and really pushing the envelope with outfit ideas. Bianca has been a model for 7 years and has been around the fashion industry for quit some time.

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