Is Looking Like a Hobo the New Chic?

In recent years, as fashion happens, we’ve seen fashion change and trends evolve. A more recent trend that has come in full force is what I would love to call the “Hobo Chic” trend. We started seeing holes and rips in T-shirts back when Ed Hardy was in style. Celebrities, as well as normal joes, would line up to have their  Ed Hardy T-shirts ripped by Mr. Hardy himself.

 Ed Hardy’s famous torn t-shirts

Kanye West continued with the hobo look when he had his star-studded Season 2 Yeezy fashion show in 2015. On the runway, he displayed over-sized hoodies, sweat pants, tights, to name just a few.

Balenciaga released shoes that look like bricks, and which have been welcomed into the fashion culture with open arms. Gucci, Adidas and Louis Vuitton have their own version of the ugly/dad shoes as well. And the prices of said shoes will rock your world!

Balenciaga sneakers
Louis Vuitton sneakers
Gucci sneakers

Fashion, as it always does, constantly evolves and reinvents itself, but never in a million years did one, myself included, imagine that looking like you don’t have a place to stay, or you live on the side of the road, would be considered fashionable or in fact high-end.

What’s next? Tell us what you think of this trend in the comments!

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Reabetswe Sechoaro
Reabetswe Sechoaro

Luxury Brands Editor

Reabetswe Sechoaro is a Miss International 2018 2nd runner-up. She's a BCom Accounting Science student, model as well as the luxury editor for BLOSS Africa. She has worked with brands such as Avroy Shlain as the face of Coppelia, Inecto, Miss Paris and Edgars. She also won Supermodel International 2012 which was held in Thailand.

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