Is Instagram Making You Ill?

In 2018 I spent around 16 hours on my social media platforms DAILY. Between posting content and engaging with followers, my life revolved around Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It was exhausting.

Once the Mrs South Africa competition was over, I decided to take a short break over December, and I only posted when I felt like it, not because I had to. Suddenly my following shot through the roof, and engagement increased. I was puzzled, and then it hit me.

My instagram was not only making me sick, it was making my following sick too.

Social media can become an obsession

One that we can get into an unhealthy relationship with. When it is backed with sponsors or brands expecting their return on investment, you start losing yourself and you just shove content out that have absolutely no depth to it. And before you know it, your following can see the emptiness.

I hear you asking, so what do I do?

It is easy actually. If you are an influencer, only accept work from brands that you can really relate to, so that the content you create is real and relatable. And also something that you truly love creating.

Make sure you reflect who you are through your posts. Use good quality images, but also use the candid shots, the fun selfies and the spontaneous photos. Remember to post stories capturing you on good days and bad days. Don’t always be dressed to the nines, because let’s be honest, who is? Except for the royals maybe.

If you get a company to run your social media, make sure that they engage authentically with followers.

Set times on your devices to limit usage and screen time. Ensure that when you are at work, you are at work, at home you, are at home etc. In other words, be present in that moment, not just in the Instagram moment. We get so caught up with the #instaworthy photo that we forget to actually enjoy the moment that makes the photo.

Have you felt consumed by social media? Have you ever done a digital detox?

Let me know.

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