iS Clinical® Is Bringing New Innovations To Skincare


iS Clinical® Is Bringing New Innovations To Skincare
iS Clinical® Is Bringing New Innovations To Skincare

Who is iS Clinical?

iS Clinical is a cutting-edge skincare brand that uses both traditional and advanced scientific means to produce skincare products that effectively take care of the human body’s largest organ – the skin. They keep in mind the complexity of the human skin, the uniqueness of every individual’s skin, and, lastly, the importance of skin as a barrier between the rest of the human body and its external environment. For this reason, they take a multifaceted approach to skincare with a wide range of products.

With the knowledge that skincare is no small feat, iS Clinical’s range of dermatological products targets and addresses the factors that influence the condition of one’s skin. This involves environmental aggressors such as the sun, weather, and pollution, as well as internal aggressors such as diet, genetic predispositions, hydration, and hormones. This skincare range also tackles the insecurities of audiences when it comes to their skin and finds ways to improve the appearance of blemishes, uneven complexions, dark marks, wrinkles, and various other conditions.

How do they address dermatological conditions?

iS Clinical’s extensive knowledge in dermatological biochemistry motivates them to use the highest quality of ingredients. They choose these ingredients with precision to produce the most effective chemical formulations. These are all then clinically tested to produce the best results. Their website also boasts about the brand’s use of new ‘Extremozyme Technology’. This involves the process of extracting enzymes called extremozymes from specialized extremophilic organisms (plants) to integrate them into their products. The purpose of this fusion is because organisms use this particular enzyme to endure and adapt to extreme environments. Similarly, the use of this enzyme in skincare products has proven to protect human skin from damage caused by environmental conditions. The use of this technology places iS Clinical somewhat at the forefront of dermatological innovation – it is no wonder that they have trademarked the phrase ‘innovative skincare’.

What skincare products do they offer?

iS Clinical offers a range of serums, cleansers, mists, masks, and lotions. These are all designed to address dermatological conditions such as scar tissue, enlarged pores, ageing skin, acne, and dehydrated skin. They also have a four-step package for cleansing, treating, hydrating, and protecting your skin on a daily basis. However, if you are in the mood to pamper yourself, they also offer facial treatments, face peels, and do-it-yourself facial kits. It is also important to know that their range is not exclusively for women. They have a range of treatments available for men that address their dermatological needs. This includes razor burn, skin dullness, and blocked pores.

All of these lovely products are available for purchase online through the iS Clinical website.

The information and images provided above were sourced from the iS Clinical website which may be accessed via the web address: iS CLINICAL 

iS Clinical® Is Bringing New Innovations To Skincare

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