Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

The Lead Stars Of SPOORLOOS 2

Rewind back to 2018 and you probably remember a specific series being on everyone’s lips. Considering the mystical storyline filled with plot twists and cliff-hangers, it was no surprise that Spoorloos went on to be one of KykNET’s most successful series of that year. That is why many viewers rejoiced when teasers and trailers promising a second season of Spoorloos graced their screens in 2020. The rumours are true! Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

Spoorloos 2: A Witch Hunt for the Truth premiered on the channel about two weeks ago and already has viewers in suspense, anxiously awaiting resolution. If you missed the first season, there is no need to panic. Spoorloos is an anthology series, meaning every season follows a completely new storyline; new characters, new locations and new mysteries to be solved. However, one thing remains the same; someone goes missing.

About Spoorloos 2: A Witch Hunt for the Truth

The series is set in a small town called ‘Buffelsdrift’ and follows the lead character, Adam Prinsloo, portrayed by actor Andahr Cotton. Adam awakes from an 18-month long coma after an accident on the evening of his Matric farewell with only the memory of the first ten years of his life. Thus, he now relies on those around him to fill the gaps in his memory, but can they be trusted? With the help of his physiotherapist, Christa Viljoen portrayed by actress Lee Visagie, he tries to uncover the truth about the events leading up to his terrible accident. As Adam uncovers more secrets, we start to wonder whether some secrets are better off being kept…

Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

I had the privilege of asking the two lead stars, Andahr Cotton and Lee Visagie, a few questions regarding their involvement in the new series as well as what the future may hold for them following their huge success.

Andahr Cotton

You may already recognize this artist face from television series such as Fynskrif, Die Spreeus and many more. Andahr is a young actor from Somerset-Wes who is actively pursuing his dream of being in the film industry. He revealed the process of portraying such a complex character like Adam below:

Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

So far the storyline has everyone on the edge of their seats. What was your reaction when you first read the script?

The script was like a book that you can’t put down. I was mesmerized by the vibrant characters and the intricate story.

Your character goes through traumatic experiences such as having to deal with gaps in his memory. What did you draw from in order to portray Adam’s trauma as authentically as possible?

A lot of research goes into it, then using that knowledge and working with the director to create an authentic character portrayal. My director described it as a baby discovering its senses; seeing, feeling and experiencing things for the first time in an unknown environment. This helped me to create a character without a past.

Do you know that ‘cringey’ feeling you get when you hear your own voice on a voice note? Does seeing your face on screen or hearing your voice feel anything like that? What’s it like?

It’s still surreal to see myself on screen, I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. I believe its vital to be able to watch your own work and to be critical in order to better yourself as an artist. But I still get heavy butterflies when my face appears on television.

Do people recognize you in Woolies (even-though you’re wearing a mask)?

Haha luckily I live in a small town where most people don’t have DSTV, so I’m able to shy away from all that. I don’t do too well with attention; I prefer to do my job and return to just living my life.

If Adam had a favourite song, what would it be?

Car Radio by Twenty One pilots.

What was your funniest blooper on set?

It was with Ruan Blum who plays Ben; he had to row us out into a lake during a very serious scene, but all he could manage was to row us in circles. I struggled not to burst out laughing. Lucky for us it was a wide shot so the camera didn’t glimpse us barely containing our hysteria.

How did you get into the acting industry?

My aunt has a Drama school and she also got me my first job in a series. My passion grew in high school due to Tienertoneel and from there on I went to study acting at Stellenbosch University.

Since you’re already conquering the South-African film industry, is acting overseas next on your bucket list?

I would love to do international jobs. I’ve always dreamed big, I aspire to act and travel the world. I’m always seeking the next adventure.

Lee Visagie

Many may know this young actress as the character of Anja from Isidingo. After portraying this character for many years, this ambitious young artist is showing off her versatility through her portrayal of Christa in Spoorloos 2. She revealed what the journey has been like so far below:

Interview With Andahr Cotton & Lee Visagie

What was your reaction when you first found out you had been cast as Christa and who was the first person you told?

Sjoe! You are taking me right back to that moment! I remember I was in my kitchen when I read the email that I got the role of Christa in Spoorloos 2- I was on cloud nine! I could not believe it. My husband was the first person I told. We had a little victory dance right there in the middle of the kitchen!

Lines lines lines! So many of them! How do you remember them all?

I have to thank my experience of working on Isidingo for three years when it comes to learning lines. You quickly realize that there is very little time to learn your lines, so preparing for the next day the night before became like second nature to me. When it came to Spoorloos it came down to the same thing. There would be days where we would shoot scenes until 21h00 at night and then I had to go home and prepare for the next day. It was just something I had to do. But once I started to become really comfortable with Christa, her words came naturally so learning them wasn’t hard at all.

Are there any aspects of Christa’s character that reminds you of yourself?

Absolutely! Christa and I are very similar. We are both passionate about people and helping them where we can. Both of us would do anything for the ones we love and we also tend to give a lot of ourselves to others.

What was the funniest moment on set?

Oh my word, this is a very hard question to answer because there were so many! We sang about the days of the week, we created a new weather type called “gloomy hot”. But I guess the funniest was during our second week of filming.

We shot at a hospital and Andahr, who plays Adam Prinsloo, was attached to all of these machines and cables and the poor guy spent one whole day basically just laying on his back being in a “coma”.  During one of our scenes in the hospital room, I mispronounced a word.  Andahr was the only one who picked up on it, not even I realized it!

He would tease me about this word. He really struggled to keep a straight face during that scene and so did I. Every time I would say that word the giggles would start. Funny thing is neither of us remembers what the word was!

Christa’s outfits are always on fleek (yes, even the physio uniform). Is there a specific ‘Christa outfit’ that you wished you could snatch for your own closet?

Aww, thank you for saying this! YES! There are three outfits actually. Christa has a dungaree dress in pink. Loved it! It was so comfortable and cute. Then, I loved wearing Christa’s green khaki jumpsuit because it was comfortable and I guess I felt the most adventurous in it. Lastly, I loved wearing Christa’s super soft pyjama dress and nightgown. The wardrobe team was amazing!

Working on this project meant early mornings into late evenings. What got you out of bed on days you wanted to hit the snooze button?

I honestly never struggled to get out of bed in the mornings and loved working until late because I LOVE what I do.  I feel honoured to get this opportunity to work on a set with amazing people! It never felt like work. I actually looked forward to every single day going to work. But I must admit, coffee… coffee helped too.

How did you prepare to play Adam’s physiotherapist? Did you know anything about physiotherapy beforehand or did you need to do some research?

I had to do research since I knew nothing about being a physiotherapist. Luckily for me, I have a friend who is a physio who has her own practice. I went to spend a whole day with her in her office and she and her colleague were so kind and helpful! They taught and showed me the basics of what physio would do in the case of someone like Adam being a patient. They also talked about the challenges they face as physios. Basically, I got a ‘physio 101’ crash course from them and I am so grateful for all their help.

There is no doubt that this role will open many doors for you. Any exciting projects lined up for the near future?

As of right now, there are no acting roles lined up yet, but I am hopeful. I just launched my very first acting workshop called “UAE: Unique Acting Experience” with a colleague of mine. I am also working on a woman empowerment workshop that I will be launching soon. That is keeping me busy and creative.

Follow these two amazing actors on Instagram to keep up with their journey, blink and you might miss it: @just_lee36 & @andahr_cotton. Catch them on Spoorloos 2, Tuesdays at 20:00 on KykNET channel 144.

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