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At only 23, Armand Joubert has already topped radio charts with his hit-singles So Gone and Should I. This is not surprising, though. Thanks to his whole family being very musical, his singing career started at the young age of 5. His mother taught him his very first song and had him perform it in front of everyone.

Coming from a musical background didn’t make it any easier to get to where he is today. “How did I get to where I am? With a lot of hard work, persistence, knowing who I am, and just working very hard. That is the only way; there is no shortcut to success.”

The biggest challenge that he has had to face in the music industry has been rejection and people not believing in him. His advice is to surround yourself with people who believe in you completely. People who make you their number one priority, and vice versa.

“I’m an artist. I’m here to express my art. I wasn’t born to fit in. Period.”

– Armand Joubert

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“If I could compare myself to a pair of shoes, it would definitely be a pair of Adidas or Nike. They are quite popular, but I believe it is for a reason. It is good quality, and I like to think of myself as a person, and artist, of good quality.”

Sneakers are also perfect for him when he is on stage because of all of the footwork and choreography that goes into his performances.

Armand has always known that he could dance. He has always had rhythm, but he admits that he was a little scared of learning choreography. He credits his choreographer for most of what he knows about dancing professionally. And, of course, personal idols, like Micheal Jackson and Beyoncé, who he has been watching for most of his life.

Dancing is a very important part of his music. When he writes a song he always tries to envision how the song will come to life when he performs it, how he will put it in a show, and how people will react to it. “It can be the saddest song, but I want to be able to move. I want to feel like there is movement in the music. People want to feel good, and you can still have a very strong message with a nice beat to it, and you can touch people.”

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If you have seen his videos or performances, you will know how energetic and captivating his work is. It only makes sense for him to identify with a pair of rainbow Happy Socks. Colorful and so full of life.

At home, though, he prefers the comfort of his slippers and a robe and says that he doesn’t enjoy walking around barefoot.

I always find it interesting to get to know some of the smaller details in a person, so I asked Armand whether he picks his clothes first, or his shoes. “One hundred percent the clothes first. You can wear a pair of black or white sneakers with just about everything, but if your outfit doesn’t look nice, it’s kind of doubtful,” he says laughingly.

His three must-have items when performing includes water, Halls (the red ones) and something sweet like a Bar One or Coke for a little extra energy.

I look forward to more catchy Armand Joubert songs, and maybe even an album in 2019. But in the meantime, treat yourself and check out his latest single, Falling, featuring Evida.


Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

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