I’m Not Going On Matric Vacation? What now?

To everyone feeling left out about not going on Matric Vacation. Don’t. 

It’s almost time for the December holiday and luckily for every grade 12 in the country, this starts as early as the 29th of November. Every year thousands of kids flock towards the coastal areas to experience the annual Rage Festival and have a week-long holiday with friends they probably won’t have contact with the following year. Although matric holiday does not only consist of rage, we’ve seen a surge in boat cruises and holiday resorts shut down the facility to accommodate the teens.

On the bright side for everyone not going: you might be saving your parents some serious $$$ and the world won’t stop turning just because you have FOMO.

Here are 5 things to do, to still make your ‘matric’ vacation worth it.


1. Make a hometown bucket list

Limit your list to 15 things and try to achieve all of them before the new year. Do some digging and ask around what hidden gems there might be in your town.


2.  Attend a cooking class

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but this is loads of fun. A lot of baking shops, hotels and restaurants have baking and cooking classes you can attend on Saturday mornings for a small fee. This is a great way to improve your skills as you approach adulthood. Who knows? This might be your new hobby.


3.  Change your hair

A wise old lady, aka my mom, always told me, “Change is as good as a holiday.” Even though I would not quite compare a new haircut or colour to a holiday, having new hair is pretty awesome. Want bangs, a shag or a blunt bob? No prob, just be sure to have a stylist that you love and trust.


4.  Host a spa day

Even though your friends might not be there, you can always have family over or do it solo. Buy some new polish, face masks and go crazy! Self-care has never gone out of style.


5. Have a movie marathon

I know, cheesy, but so necessary for anyone’s sanity. Go rent some old movies from the local DVD-shop (vintage duh), prepare some of your most loved snacks and have a moment. You might find some ideas and inspiration as to what your resolutions will be. Ready, set, watch!


Face it. One week of your life won’t do too much damage. Kick back and relax and have one hell of a time (with a rage pass or not)!

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Monique Webster
Monique Webster

BLOSS Youth Travel Editor

Monique Webster was born in the midst of a never-ending love affair with travel. Her core passion lies in exploring and spending time with her loved ones. She spends half her time making jokes and being with family and friends and the other half globe-trotting and seeking adventure. She currently lives in Pretoria and during the week she manages a local jewellery shop and spends her time trying to decide whether she should study or travel. She hopes to combine the two in the following year.

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