If You Love Dogs You NEED To Read This!

Today’s blog is a little different from what I usually write about in the Real Life section… But if you love dogs, you NEED to read this!

As I was walking on the Promenade in Sea Point – Cape Town, I noticed a crowd gathering. Being very curious (as always) I was extremely excited to discover a pop-up dog shelter! I hurried closer, kneeling next to the first 4-legged baby I could find!

As I looked into the smiling eyes of this soft brown and white scruffy-haired girl (what seemed like a mix between a Poodle and Jackrussel) my heart suddenly dropped and I had to fight back my tears wondering… “How could ANYONE just abandon their pets???” Leaving them hopeless, alone, and afraid…

Over 15 000 dogs are being killed in Western Cape Shelters.

The truth about animal shelters in Cape Town

In 2011, the City of Cape Town estimated that there were around 230 000 stray animals roaming the streets. According to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) this number has exploded with overbreeding of stray animals since then.

Over 15 000 dogs are being killed in Western Cape Shelters every year simply because they didn’t find a home. Each one an individual – each one a dog worth saving. And that’s why if you love dogs you need to read this!

Since Covid-19, things have gotten even worse. The financial strain placed on families has also had a significant effect on families unable to care for their pets. AWS’s outreach increased significantly during this time, assisting families with pet food. However, the demand quickly grew beyond their means.

The only dog to ever travel around the world.

Oscars Arc WOOF Project

WOOF Project is the pop-up adoption initiative powered by Oscars Arc – a registered NPO born to inspire dog adoption and save dogs’ lives. All dogs originate from existing shelters and WOOF Project gives them the exposure they need in order to find a home – and a life.

Oscars Arc is named after Oscar, the adopted dog who became the only dog to ever travel around the world, visiting 42 countries across 5 continents in order to promote and inspire dog adoption.

Through dynamic design, innovative marketing, and providing an unrivaled dog adoption experience, WOOF Project is dramatically increasing adoption rates and changing the status quo.

Oscars Arc selects healthy adjusted dogs from existing shelters and takes them ‘to the people’ – placing them at WOOF Project – the ‘green’ container that moves within convenient and inspired locations every weekend. Here, they are given the invaluable exposure they need to get a home – and a life.

The adoption process is both positive and efficient. Those interested in adopting a dog complete a brief application and a same-day home check, each dog is ready to go.

Every dog is microchipped, vaccinated, and sterilized and WOOF Project also includes a Name Your Price Adoption Fee – and the guarantee that the adoption is a ‘perfect match, for life.

You are giving them a new life in a loving home.

5 Reasons why you SHOULD adopt:

There are a million reasons to adopt a pet into your family, but I hope these 5 will help convince you.

1. You save a life.

All animals at shelters are in need of a second chance. They have been lost, given up or abandoned. You are giving them a new life in a loving home.

2. You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation.

There are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Adopting from a shelter helps weaken the pet overpopulation cycle.

3. You help stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities.

Throughout the country, thousands of commercial pet-breeding facilities and backyard breeders produce thousands of animals for sale in pet stores and through ads. Often known as puppy and kitten mills, these facilities repeatedly impregnate female dogs that spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship. These unfortunate animals are often in intolerable environments, forced to produce litter upon litter, and are destroyed after they become unprofitable assets. Adopting a shelter animal means you don’t support such cruel practices.

4. You choose from a great selection of animals.

Shelters offer a variety that you won’t find anywhere else with have specific breeds and also the greatest mutts you’ll ever find.

5. You support a valuable charity and community institution.

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you assist a non-profit organisation, and you also send a message to others who will be asking you where you obtained your adorable pet. Shelters improve the community by mandating that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This requirement diminishes the chances that more unwanted animals will enter the world.

Making the Western Cape a No-Kill Province.

Take the “lead” and adopt a dog!

If you love dogs you should read this. If you are looking for a best friend and companion, WOOF Project will find your perfect match through an inspired adoption experience guaranteed!

The WOOF project boasts a 98.8% adoption rate. This is a 41% overall increase in the WC Adoption Rate (When compared to the 8 highest ‘kill’ shelters) and is an official world record holder for achieving 56 adoptions in 1 day by 1 agency (Melrose Arch 17 August 2019)

This is How YOU can make a difference:

  1. Adopt

  2. Volunteer

  3. Give

You can become part of the movement that is dedicated to making the Western Cape a No-Kill Province. “Together we will home them all”

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