If The Shoe Fits: The Best Workout Shoes For 2021

Here is a round-up of the best shoes for your workout for 2021.

Bloss Media If The Shoe FitsThe age-old saying ‘If the shoe fits’ really does get a new meaning when it comes to finding the perfect pair for your workout. However, no one shoe fits any workout perfectly.

When it comes to working out, there are many factors that come into play. A person’s weight, foot shape, biomechanics and workout surface all have an impact on the type of shoe to choose.

So how do you choose a shoe to fit perfectly?

Focus on what the shoe does for you. Is it comfortable? Does it intrude on your workout? Is the material and shape of the shoe fit for the type of workout that you do?

And per the last question, the answer is never yes to every type of workout. Hence the list of workout shoes that you can shop for when it’s time for new kicks.

If the shoe fits for… running

There are three important factors to consider when buying new running shoes: weight; drop and cushioning.

Lighter shoes often have less cushioning, which is fine for shorter distance running. But when you opt for longer distances, choose the shoe with extra cushioning. Your feet and knees will thank you.

A shoe’s drop refers to the difference between the heel and the front of your foot. This means that your heel is supposed to be slightly higher from the ground than your toes. Look out for shoes with a drop of 8-12millimeters, you can even go as low as 6millimeters.

If The Shoe Fits Bloss Media

If the shoe fits for… weight-lifting

We’ve all seen them, the gym bunnies with their Converse sneakers at the weight bar, but contrary to popular belief, the type of shoe you wear when standing still and lifting weights really does matter.

The Converse sneaker is not far off from the ideal shoe lifting weights and wearing it will not have less muscle as a result. However, there are better options to choose from.

Look for a shoe that has a significant (more than a running shoe) raised heel – this helps with knee rotation and stability – or a completely flat-soled shoe. A weightlifting shoe has stronger material used for the soles, thus giving stronger support on the heel.

If The Shoe Fits

If the shoe fits for… cross-training and HIIT

This workout has a combination of running, jumping and weight lifting and needs a shoe that can support all of those factors at once.

It is best to look for a shoe that provides stability for jumping, ankle support for weight lifting and cushioning for running.

The shoe has to be made from lightweight material that is breathable and flexible to accommodate the different movements of a HIIT-style workout.

Bloss Media If The Shoe Fits

When you look at the bigger picture, the shoes that you wear can make or break your workout. While it’s tempting to use the same shoe for every workout, it could lead to long term injuries and joint problems. Having different styles will also help your shoes to last longer, another bonus to consider.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your next workout, click here.

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