How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Your Superpower

Align yourself with what you feel naturally at ease and excited with!

Getting to grips with what your superpower is, can be all-consuming. But the importance of owning your unique gifts and getting clarity with where you can make a difference is so important to the growth of your business.  It’s time to stop focusing on what is not serving you and it’s time to align yourself with what you feel naturally at ease and excited

Once you start getting in touch with your Superpower and start figuring out how to own it, it’s time to go fully in and present yourself as the expert you are.  Give your Superpower a name, share it with others. Embrace what you have learned about yourself.
Do not make the mistake of keeping your Superpower a secret!  Be brave and let it grow with you.

I am a big fan of Julia Cartwright and would like to share her 6 steps of how to Align yourself with what you feel your superpowers are.

Step 1 – Starting with your brand archetype.
Understanding your brands’ archetype and the qualities of the archetype will help you step into your zone of genius.  If you google brand archetype quiz you will have a couple to choose from.  Finding out which archetype your brand is giving it personality and meaning – it’s the image you will want to present to the world. It will help you create an authentic and magnetic brand that represents you and your soul mission so you can move forward, get visible, and gain credibility.

You will also get a good understanding of colours and the feel of your brand.  Your archetype will also ultimately encourage brand loyalty.

* I know what my brand archetype is.
* Did my brand archetype give info on the following:
* My brands’ power words?
* Successful role models with the same archetype?
* My strengths?
* My positioning?
* Characteristics?
* Opportunities to be aware of?
* My difference?
* Communication style?
* What I am not good at?

Step 2 – Your standout difference?
I want you to think of how you can define your unique blend of magic in 4-5 words.
Be creative and brainstorm words that you can use to focus on that will support your
unique blend of magic. Think about how you would like your brand to look and feel.
i.e. warm, engaging, innovative. It can be through words, images, designs or the experience you offer?

What one quality do you wish you could rub off on everyone you met, what would it be?
Refer to your brands’ archetype to help you.

* Have you completed a strengths test?
* Have you listed out your predominant strengths?
* Are you clear with what your 4-5 brand words are?
* Are you getting a feel for how you would like your brand to look and feel?
* Can you name the one quality you would like to rub off on everyone you met?

Look at completing a strengths test such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

Step 3 – Credibility
What trait separates successful entrepreneurs from those that fade into the distance?
“Credibility” Think about what makes you credible?  The training you have invested in, your achievements?  Your story, the turning point, what worked, what didn’t?  Collect testimonials.  What personality traits will make you credible? One thing that will kill credibility instantly is dishonesty. Ask for endorsements? Approach everything you do with conviction and confidence.

* Are you clear with what makes you credible?
* Have you written your story to support what you do in business?
* Have you collected testimonials?
* Have you made a list of all the training you have completed?
* Have you listed out your achievements?
* Are you creating practices that support your energy and your mindset?

Step 4 – Credibility.. brand story 

What is your brand’s story? Think about your journey and the network of stories that brought you to this point? Look at your positioning and the result you are promising your clients. Pick out one story that positions you with credibility and as an authority.

What were the major turning points in the history of your business that you want
your audience to be aware of? And how did these turning points positively affect your
customers? You can also think about the mark you want to leave on the world, this can really help you position your brand.

Keep your story simple. You may want to record it and listen to it. What emotions are
stirred up in you, when you listen to your story?

* Are you clear with your “brand story”?
* Are you clear with the result you are promising your clients?
* Have you demonstrated the result you are promising in the story you are telling?

Step 5 – Dream clients
Look at what you are wanting to offer and make sure you have clarity with who your dream clients are?

* Create a powerful client profile.
* You do not need to be all things to all people.
* Create your muse of what your Ideal client is like (someone who is a source of  inspiration)
* Are you clear with what your clients are actually buying? What emotional buttons do you press? It often isn’t always obvious.
* Once you can visualize your ideal customer, everything becomes easier, from copy, to how you structure your website, or how you style your photos.

* I am clear with who my dream client is?
* I have created a powerful client profile.

Step 6 – What needs to change?
Now that you have clarity with what your superpower is, what would you change?
Think about how people are viewing you and your business? Is there anything that needs to change with your copy? Do you get recommended for the right reasons?
What services do not play to your strengths? Often profitability will determine this for you. If you are still struggling with your superpower, I want you to go back and revisit your purpose.

Your purpose is a combination of your gifts, your skills, and what community or person will benefit from your help or product. Remember your values.

* Are you clear with your “superpower” and the changes you need to implement?
* Have you made a note of where you need to make changes?
* Is everything you are creating in alignment with your values?

Tell your story with heart and style – YOU ARE your brand

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Trudi Stander
Trudi Stander

Business Relationship Manager

Trudi Stander, our Business Relationship Manager and head of our BLOSS Brand ambassador program is a strong woman who faces life with no fear, fights for what she wants, and don’t care what people say about her. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than 10 years’ experience in the media industry. She believes that every moment we are alive is precious. Treat it as such and don’t waste a single second. Be brave, and don't be afraid to assert your power in the pursuit of your dreams. Set your goals, and accomplish them, but be kind to yourself. Make things happen without permission.

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  1. Thanks for the advice Trudi, definitely a great go-to-guide on building your brand to something amazing.

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