How To Plan A Short Notice Wedding

With times changing in 2021 and 2022 some couples don’t want to plan for a long period of time or have all the variables of long-awaited wedding timelines.

When planning a wedding in 1 or 2 months time, you will have to have the right mindset and attitude when starting this process.

How to plan a short notice wedding
How To Plan A Short Notice Wedding

Here are some tips and tricks when starting your wedding planning journey:

1. Set a budget

It is really important to be open and honest with how much you are willing to spend on your wedding.

This will have a huge impact on where your wedding will take place, the service providers you will appoint and also the scale of certain elements of your wedding.

Also make sure to have this money available, because you will have to pay deposits on tight timeframes.

How to plan a short notice wedding

2. Pick a venue

Have a look at venues online that fits your budget.

Also, find a venue that is close by to make it easier for you to revisit the venue with service providers and it will also lessen travelling costs.

As your chosen venue for their available dates.

How to plan a short notice wedding

Keep in mind on such short notice weekday or Sunday weddings will mostly be the option.

Also, make sure to know what is included and excluded in the venue hire as hidden costs can be a problem at the end.

How to plan a short notice wedding

3. Set a date

It is important to book the venue and date as that is the starting point of any wedding planning process.

4. Invite your guests

As this is a short notice wedding, you will have to invite your guests to give them time to RSVP, make arrangements or keep that appointment date open.

5.  Wedding planner

I would recommend booking a wedding planner if it is within your budget.

When planning on such short notice it is helpful to have someone that can handle all the admin and finer details during this time.

Wedding planners also have good contacts and knowledge of service providers/pricing in the industry.

How to plan a short notice wedding

When the planner is booked or if you are doing it yourself make sure to set out a clear vision of your look and feel, colour scheme etc.

How to plan a short notice wedding

There is also a lot of templates and wonderful ideas on Pinterest to help you conceptualize and plan your special day.

6. Book the service providers

It is important to source all the service providers that is needed for your wedding.

As mentioned when hosting a weekday wedding, you are more likely to find available service providers during that time.

How to plan a short notice wedding

When booking service providers like florists, DJ’S,  décor companies etc make sure to be very specific with your overall needs and likes/dislikes for that specific service.

Also, make sure that the chosen service providers have the needed experience and fit your budget.

7. Find the perfect wedding dress

It is important to book your dress in advance as dress fittings and alterations usually take quite some time.

Also to make sure you have the dress of your dreams booked or bought before anyone else does.

How to plan a short notice wedding

8. Focus on having fun

With a supportive family, bridal party, soon to be husband and service providers that are experts in what they do, just focus on having fun and enjoying the process.

When having fun, trusting and going with the flow you will enjoy every bit of your special day!

Everything is possible with the right mindset and expertise!

How To Plan A Short Notice Wedding

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