How To Get Flawless Skin With Foundation

Beauty starts with healthy and flawless skin and one of the most amazing products used to help us achieve perfect skin is foundation.

What is foundation?

Simply put, it is a coloured cream, powder, or liquid used as a base to even out facial skin tone before applying other makeup. The reason we apply and wear foundation is to even out our skin tone and texture. When applied correctly it makes our skin look smoother and clearer.

Contrary to popular belief, foundation’s sole purpose is NOT to cover. Coverage is just one of the many benefits it has to offer. Many individuals shy away from it because when they think of foundation they see the thick-pancake-look which makes it look like you’re wearing a mask.

Natural makeup or natural foundation does not mean hardly any foundation, it means foundation that is right for an individual’s skin. In other words, finding the right formula and shade for your skin.


There are many foundation formulas to choose from. Choosing one depends on your skin type, what finish you want, and your lifestyle.

Tinted Moisturiser

Perfect for anyone who wants sheer coverage. It is a great alternative and its main function is to even out skin tone. It’s perfect for weekend getaways and outdoor activities. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Foundation stick

A creamy foundation compacted into a stick form. It provides medium to full coverage and is suitable for all skin types. However, caution should be exercised when using this formula on oily skin. It is portable and therefore great for touch up’s throughout the day.

Example: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

Liquid Foundation

This the most popular and common type of foundation. There are different varieties of liquid foundation that cater for all skin types and all types of finishes. They can provide light to full coverage but in most instances, liquid foundation provides medium coverage.

Example: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Makeup Forever HD

Creme Foundation

Comes in both compact and stick forms. It provides added hydration which is great for drier skin. It provides medium to full coverage depending on the application. If you apply sparingly it will give you less coverage but if you apply liberally it will give you more coverage.

Example: MAC Studio Tech Foundation

Whipped mousse

Provides sheer to full coverage depending on how you apply it. It has added hydration and is perfect for textured skin.

Example: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Compact Powder

It is what its name suggests; powder that has been pressed into a compact case. It provides medium to full coverage and is perfect for oily skin types and great for touch-ups because of its portability.

Example: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus

Mineral Powder

Provides sheer coverage but can be layered to provide medium coverage. This foundation is popular for its convenience and sheer coverage. However, when looking for a mineral powder, find a formula that does not give an ashy finish as your average formula tends to do that.

Example: MAC Mineralize Loose.

How to find the correct foundation shade

Once you have decided on the right formula it is important to find the right shade.

Follow these steps to help you find the right shade:

1.) Take at least 3 different shades from light to dark and swatch a little bit of each on the side of your face from cheek to jaw bone and gently blend it into the skin. The right shade will disappear and blend into your skin.

2.) Double-check the shade you have selected on your forehead. Sometimes women have darker skin on the forehead and the shade that matches here will work better for the whole face.

3.) Make sure you are in natural light or exposed to natural light when testing your foundation shade. Walk toward your window and test the shade there.

4.) Never test the product on your hand or arm as your face is rarely the same colour as the rest of your body.

5.) You may need to adjust your foundation shade as seasons change. We tend to get a little darker during summer as this is the time of year we are most exposed to the sun. Always retest your shade with each passing season to make sure it fits your skin tone.

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Francis Ferreira


Francis Ferreira is a professional makeup artist & hair stylist. He studied makeup & hair design at Kohl Makeup Academy. He has always been in love and fascinated with makeup and how it can transform and enhance a face. His passion for beauty and skin care stems from many years of experience working for prestige cosmetic brands MAC & Bobbi Brown. Francis loves sharing the art of makeup with women and show them how they can utilize it to enhance their own beauty.

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