How To Find the Right Colour Blush

When applying makeup, one of the things we aim to achieve is to look brighter, fresher, and more awake. Blush is one of those products we use to achieve a brighter more lifted look.


What is blush?

It is a flush of colour used to create a healthy, pretty look. Sometimes after we have applied concealer, foundation, and powder we have flawless skin but the colour from our skin may have faded. This is especially true with a yellow-toned foundation and blush helps to add a pop of colour so that there is a balance in our complexion.


7 Different Formulas

Powder is the most common form of blush and it is the easiest to use. It is readily available, blends easily, and works on all skin types.
Gel is not as common or easily found and delivers sheer colour but does not easily blendable and works well only on smooth skin.
Cream looks natural, and almost as if the colour comes from within the skin. It goes on smoothly and leaves a dewy finish. This formula is perfect for dry skin.
Cream to powder is applied as a cream but dries to a long-lasting powder finish. It is best for normal skin.
Chubby pencils are portable and easy to blend. Best for normal to dry skin.
Cheek tints are like gels except they provide a sheer tint to the cheeks. It is not easily blendable and only suitable for smooth skin.
Pot rouges are great for both cheeks and lips. They provide medium coverage and are easy to blend.

What Colour Should I Choose?


For a natural shade, select a blush colour that matches the colour of your cheeks when you pinch them or hold the colour next to your lips and look in the mirror, the one that compliments your natural lip colour and adds a lift to the cheeks is the right colour. For a pop of colour select a bright coloured blush such as a bright pink or peach and layer that softly and lightly on top of the natural shade of blush on your cheeks.

The most important thing to look for in blush is pretty brightness. That’s the effect you want it to have on you. The colour you choose also depends on the occasion. If you are wearing a dramatic eye you want your blush to be soft and minimal. Same principle if you have a dramatic lip.

Another important thing to remember when applying blush is to keep the cheeks and lips in the same colour category, for example, if you are wearing pink, rose lipstick use a pink, rose blush and if you are wearing a peach, coral or orange lipstick use a coral or peach blush.

How to Apply Blush

Step 1: If applying powder blush the first step is to identify your cheekbone and the apple of your cheek.

Step 2: To locate your cheekbone take the end of a blush brush and place it on the top of the space where your ear meets your head.

Step 3: Then use the other end of your brush and connect it to the outer corner of your mouth.

Step 4: Once you have aligned the brush in this manner you’ll notice that the space above the brush is your cheekbone.

Step 5: To identify the apples of your cheek simply smile once. I NEVER recommend smiling whilst applying the blush as this can distort the application because once you stop smiling you will notice it is too low on your face and can actually have a pull-down effect.

Step 6: Using your brush simply move the brush in soft, small circular motions from the apple of your cheek upward all along the cheekbone.

Step 7: Ensure that your blush is not extending past the pupil of your eye toward the nose and also ensure that blush is not applied lower than the mouth as this will have a pull-down effect.

Step 8: If necessary and if you wish to do so, lightly dust a brighter colour blush on top
of your natural blush.

Step 9: Ensure edges are blended that there are no harsh edges.

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Francis Ferreira
Francis Ferreira


Francis Ferreira is a professional makeup artist & hair stylist. He studied makeup & hair design at Kohl Makeup Academy. He has always been in love and fascinated with makeup and how it can transform and enhance a face. His passion for beauty and skin care stems from many years of experience working for prestige cosmetic brands MAC & Bobbi Brown. Francis loves sharing the art of makeup with women and show them how they can utilize it to enhance their own beauty.

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