How to be Model Smart in a World Full of Fakes


How many times have you paged through a glossy magazine and suddenly you see that perfect girl striking a pose with the most perfect hair, most perfect outfit and amazing body? How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed only to see perfection?

With social media being the “go-to” for inspiration, from lifestyle to looks. It’s hard not to compare yourself to what seems to be the “ultimate”.

There is a saying perfectly fit for what the modelling industry is about:

“Not even the girl in the magazine looks like the girl in the magazine”

You have also found yourself looking in the mirror & thinking that you’ve got what it takes to be the #nexttopmodel, right? Or you’ve been exposed to the world of modelling and fashion, and thinking, where to next? Do I have what it takes? Am I TALL enough? Pretty enough?

Luckily, nowadays to have “brains” AND beauty is top priority and a huge bonus! But what does it mean to be model smart? Especially in a world where everything seems to be so fake and superficial.

1. KNOW your worth

You are unique. You have something that no one else can offer. But you are the only person who can tap into that inner being – inner strength. Looks fade, but your personality, your core values, and your character remain. Talent can only take you so far. Your ability to live out your God-given purpose and remain authentic will take you much further, not just in the modelling industry, but in general.

2. Look after your MIND, BODY & SOUL

There is a saying: Healthy body, healthy mind. But I think it’s the other way around; Healthy mind, healthy body. What you feed your mind, ultimately becomes your reality. If you keep “feeding” your mind with negative thoughts, negative self-talks of not being good enough, you will eventually be stuck in a negative reality and will be getting negative results all around.

Your mind believes everything you “feed” it. Nourish your body with positive thoughts, a good & healthy lifestyle, and lots of water.

Meditate, do yoga. Focus on you. Rely on you. ALWAYS.

3. Focus on the POSITIVE

So, you are a model. You might love the thrill of pageants & world peace. OR you love striking a pose in front of the camera. OR… you might just love the runway in general. With each of these sections within the modelling industry it’s hard to stay positive. Especially in the #pageantworld. Your eye is on the crown, and in between you and that crown, are 150 other girls wanting the exact same thing: that shiny crown & the sash!

It’s just a title. And of course, a wonderful platform for you to grow and live out your passion and vision and start your journey to world peace. But it is not worth trading your “sanity” or peace of mind for. Always focus on the positive. It’s not always about winning. But rather about “bettering” yourself along the way. When you focus on the positive in every situation, from catfights at pageants, to dealing with difficult production managers/choreographers at fashion shows, to an annoying photographer. Always keep your head high. See the good in every situation.

Stay positive.

4. Have HOBBIES (aka, a LIFE)

Besides modelling, what other interests do you have? Nowadays everyone on Instagram thinks that they are the next top model. And with the huge variety of filters, you can change and edit your look with a touch of a button.

You have to tap into your talents. Start living. Enjoy the outdoors, go for a hike in the mountains. Read more. Dance if you feel like it. Instead of focusing on the next crown, or the next casting call.

In fact, it is so much sexier if you are gorgeous AND you can hold an intellectual conversation! Something to think about.

5. NEVER give up

Last but not least … never give up. 

You have entered all the local pageants and been to most casting calls. But still no luck. You know you’ve got what it takes. And perhaps still comparing yourself to the #girlnextdoor.

You might also feel like your “model-time-clock” is ticking, and you are missing out on what this industry has to offer you. While that clock is ticking, and while you wait, equip yourself with knowledge. Learn as much as you can about the industry.

Keep going. Keep showing up. Master your skills, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Lisa xxx

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Lisa Robertson
Lisa Robertson

Modeling Editor

Lisa Robertson is the owner of ACE Models Pretoria East as well as a scout for ICE Model Management. She absolutely lives her passion by inspiring, motivating and helping young girls and women by providing a healthy platform where they can grow their identity, good values and self-confidence. Lisa is passionately driven, dynamic and lives every day to the fullest. She has years of experience in the modeling industry & shares a love for fashion and all things glamour.

  1. Hello
    My name is Rethabile Tshabile a first year student at AFDA.

    I’m lost for words geez this is what I needed to get some form of up lifting!!!!!!!

    Lately I’ve been down and constantly questioning myself if I’m good enough, am I sure that this is the path I’m destined for like I’ve always thought and believed my whole life? This however is caused by my surroundings in a sense of majority people on campus, its either their hungry or either it’s something that they know it’s within them and they are born with.
    Then me on the other hand just have the mentality or perception of “oh no I’m tired or no I got this no need to do it over and over again”! Not realizing that actually that mindset is the main thing that weighs me down, that it takes up so much that I don’t even get to see the bigger picture of the whole scenario that actually, no matter how small how big something is at thee end of everything taught or said one will always find something new. For instance in my case that I “know/got this” and in that case that’s actually how we grow get bigger better and more wiser. Like my Mom would always say there’s internal and external obstacles and the internal obstacles are caused by your mind what you feed the mind and your outcome how you perceive whatever you have fed the mind.

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