How Social Media Destroyed Us


We can all agree that social media took over our inner beings and transformed us into robots.


It destroyed our sense of  RESPONSIBILITY; that is why we don’t care about being late – I’ll just pop a message to let them know. In the good old days, if you were supposed to meet someone at a certain place, come hell or high, you would have been there – ON-TIME, because you had no other way to make contact.

It destroyed our sense of  TRUST; suddenly your marriage partner is not the top candidate, selected from the limited options in your hometown, but you now have the world to choose from. Unfortunately, infidelity ratings are higher than ever, and Social Media gave birth to more cheaters.

Self Image Robot

It has destroyed our  SELF-IMAGE! Thanks to Photoshop, Beauty Magazines and Instagram filters, I am officially declared butt-freaken-ugly, according to my reflection in my own mirror. In this era, without the correct apps and some A++ Computer knowledge, you have to make peace with some wrinkles and random facial hair.

It destroyed our  TIME. By the way – who looks at their watches anymore? I’ll be wearing a watch, but I check my phone to see the time. And since it is now unlocked and staring at me, I notice a few emails, Instagram and Facebook notifications, some Twitter stuff and then I’ll just quickly check my WhatsApp messages on all the groups I’ve created, seeing that it is now easy to categorize my friends. And then – I’ll give you the time.

Subconscious Robot

It destroyed our SUBCONSCIOUS. What the subconscious saw, cannot be unseen. If you witness a brutal murder on a facebook video, it doesn’t matter how fast you close your eyes, if you’ve seen it, that copy is filed in your subconscious. And guess who is in charge of your entire body and mind.

It grew our opinions, it divided us, it made us lie…

But we can take back control of our relationships, small steps at a time….

  1. Set Boundaries.  Pick a time during the day where you are allowed to spend some time on social media. Stick to those allocated times. If your business is on social media (Influencers, bloggers etc.), you work from 8 – 5, right?  Switch off your business like you would close the doors to your company.
  2. Don’t edit yourself to look unrecognisable. Photoshop is great, yes, but what if you go missing? How will we be able to find you if we don’t know what you look like?
  3. Hands-free. Try to go cell-free when it comes to everyday tasks. Calculate on a piece of paper or in your head. Try to remember appointments because you care and use your watch to check the time.
  4. Free-pee. Yes, you can go to the loo without your phone. You don’t need to upload when you download.
  5. Basket case. Place a basket in your house where you can put your phones in. Either during dinner or on a set time of the day.

Just a few small changes can make one beep of a difference.

Now, put down your phone and go interact with someone after you added a comment on this article!

Hands Up!

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Kiki Smit
Kiki Smit

Real Life Editor

Kiki Smit is an energetic bundle of humor and passion. The moment you meet her, you instantly feel like she's your best friend. She is an internationally qualified Relationship Life-Coach and Family Law Mediator. She tackles the whole shebang when it comes to couples. Although she is not a promoter of divorce, sometimes it is inevitable. Therefore as a family law mediator she handles divorce procedures to settle your divorce, maintenance and parenting plan agreements in a legally binding decree.

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